Idle Fishing Story – Navigate your way to a prosperous Fish Empire

[Game] Idle Fishing Story

Idle Fishing StoryTap, Catch, Profit!

What are you waiting for, Captain? Sailors are gearing up for the World Championship Fishing league! Make good use of Captain Raymond’s salmon boat and navigate your way to a prosperous Fish Empire. Click and enjoy this addictive idle clicker game!

Sail to rare and unique fishing spots to expand your Fishing Empire.
Recruit captains to man the deck while you’re away, you can even hire the amazing Captain Raymond.
Unlock epic boats like “The Slammin’ Salmon,” “The Codfather,” and many more!
Upgrade your ships and hire your captains, then sit and watch your profits rise with the tides.
Travel the seas in legendary weekly events to catch fish in Rome, Egypt, the Caribbean Sea, and more!

Captain Raymond and his daughter Poppy are seeing their family business destroyed under the threat of a big, professional fishing brand. If they lose this pro fishing event, they will have to sell their Rock Bottom Fishing Company! It doesn’t matter if you are a fishing beginner or an expert, you can click as much as you like to help them win the competition and keep their most valuable asset!

Let’s Sail, Cap’n!

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Idle Fishing Story user reviews :

Fun, unique, and enjoyable. It has an actually story unlike most idle games. The only issue I have is the abundance of dialogue in the game. However, it is skippable. Absolutely worth playing. Update. As you go on, in order to automate the idle process you have to upgrade characters which cost shells (which you have to earn which can be difficult to get enough) or buy. So ultimately the game wants you to spend money to automate. Went from 4 stars to 2. Update: I raised it back up to 4 stars.

  • We appreciate the feedback on automation! We hope to balance the game for all types of users. If you get stuck and are unable to automate please email us at support[at] so we can look into the issue. Thanks!

I think it’s pretty fun, I enjoy tap idle games like this, and especially since it’s so easy to just go from island to island and the events are fun! Though I ran into some trouble with the third season, the last (8th) mission isn’t popping up. I’ve noticed other people had a similar issue, if you guys could fix that bug, that would be fantastic! I’ll change my 4 to a 5 after.

  • We’re glad you’re having a great time – for help regarding the progression issue, please reach out to our team at support[at], thanks!

I really want to like this game and continue playing, but I’m held back by a couple of things that make me want to stop all together. I’m especially not a fan of being held hostage by missions that keep me from playing the game at all. There’s a mission to complete boat upgrades which doesn’t count your initially upgraded boats from restarting in a new dock, so I’d have to purposely hold back on upgrades (and income) to fulfill the mission when it comes up. Same thing goes for upgrading cards.

  • We’re so sorry to hear you’re stuck! If you reach out to our team at support[at], we’ll be able to assist you and get you back to fishing. Thanks!

Game is one of the better idle/clicker games out there. I like that it has a bit more story, and you don’t really need too much premium currency to progress. I do have one issue though it makes my phone run super hot and drains my battery like nothing else. I think there must be a memory leak or some unnecessary process issues. Galaxy s9, no problems with anything else.

  • Thanks so much for playing Captain! If you have any questions or concerns about the game’s performance, please feel free to let us know at support[at] Happy fishing!

Cute, if somewhat bloated, story. Thankfully you can skip the dialog if you so choose. Game play is easy. While I am still early in the game and this could change, progression to the next area seems to come too quickly. All in all I am enjoying the game. Ads for extra currency are optional. One nice thing is the 24 profit boost you can get by watching ads. Not many games let you go that long.

Cute idle game with a story. The ads don’t feel forced and I really enjoy the pop culture references. Sep. 2nd Edit: I have been stuck at season 51 for a couple of weeks now. The ads feel almost necessary now. It’s hard to get the captains needed to have boats be automatic. The storyline ended awhile ago and now the game just feels repetitive. There are more events than before on rotation. Still 5 stars. I’ve gotten many hours of enjoyment out of it. I’ll probably redownload in the future.

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