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KilonotesWe sincerely invite you to join us in exploring more efficient ways of taking notes and jointly reshape the modern learning mode.

As a companion exploring new ways of taking notes, Kilonotes Notes can meet your various needs, whether it is recording class notes, annotating PDFs, doing test exercises, studying online courses, or organizing reading notes, Kilonotes will be your most reliable study partner

Breakthrough the limitations of paper
Handwriting can be moved, scaled and rotated freely
You can undo what you entered
The size of the eraser can be adjusted to control the erasing range
Scale paper function to make writing more comfortable

You can insert pictures or photos, and combine text and pictures to deepen memory
Quick browsing function to help you quickly find what you need
Unlimited creation of paper, providing endless memory space
Recording function, allowing you to take notes while listening to lectures
Card function, create an exclusive knowledge base, you can create your card through pictures, brushes, and typing
OCR function, convenient and fast text extraction

Optimized reading experience
Global PDF search, quickly find what you need in the database
Outline function, convenient and fast positioning

Multiple reading modes: eye protection, dark color, vision protection
Quick jump function, enter the page number to quickly navigate
Translation function to help foreign language literature reading
Extraction function, easy to collect important information
PDF extension function, make reading and writing more free

Beyond the limits of the brush
Change brush color, create custom colors, or pick any color with the eyedropper
Adjustable brush width to adapt to various scenes
Graffiti pen function, make notes more colorful

Custom Notebook
Provide many unique and beautiful covers for you to choose
A variety of paper templates are available: blank paper, dot matrix paper, graph paper, to meet your needs
You can import PDF and record freely in your own notebook

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Kilonotes user reviews :

Has a lot of potential but still lacking. I bought the app, yet I still see a lack of features such as 1.) letting you sync your notes on multiple devices and collab with others. 2.) Switching to fonts is very much difficult. 3.) Some of the features are there yet. It’s not intuitive enough. 4.) This is more on a personal preference,but the shape of the highlighter is just round which I don’t like. 5.) Stickers are beyond cute, and I enjoy them yet I do hope they have an organization panel 4 it.

Amazing app! It is an amazing way to study for exams and even just express myself into a page! I love the hidden space feature where I can hide away my private brain dumps. My only difficulty with the app is that it can sometimes be difficult to move text boxes when inside of a digital notebook. Overall, very good app! I would recommend!!

I love this app and my notes are looking super cute and organised but it limits you to 5 notebooks, after that you have to pay. I also can’t access one of my notebooks because it says there’s an error and it’s really frustrating coz I need those notes. Also, when you want to erase the highlighter or pen, it erases the whole thing instead of the place you touched. If you can fix the error and allow more notebook and fix the erasing situation, I’d happily give it 5 stars

This is definitely the best note making app till now, especially for the Android users. All it’s features are very friendly and aesthetic. Easy to use features make the experience enjoyable. I’ve used tons of note making apps but this one stands out. I never spent a penny on an app’s membership but this one was worth it. Way too affordable. I’m in love with kilonotes.

I would enjoy this app… in a lot of ways, it’s better than most of the others I’ve tried. Except the eraser, which only erred the whole pen stroke instead of allowing detail erasing, and worst of all, getting hyperlinks to work in pdfs. They’re clickable in other apps, but those apps don’t have the features this one has. And what’s worse….I can’t get ahold of the developers. I want to give this app 5 stars, but not until I find a way to get the links working.

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