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Idle Mastermind Ever wanted to be the villain? To build a lair? Hire henchmen? Fight superheroes? Concoct dastardly plans? Raid a city? Or… take over the world?

No? What, really? Sure you do!

Idle Mastermind, from the makers of Idle Apocalypse, is the best supervillain simulator of 2020! Play as three supervillains. The techy but tiny: Dr DOS. The gangster crime boss: Yara. Or the unpredictable: LOL. Each has their own evil grand plan.

Build a lair to run your empire from. Hire a bunch of evil henchmen to do your bidding. Raid the city above to gain precious resources. Unlock new research and skills to improve your criminal, idle empire.

When you’re ready, execute your evil plan and bring about the apocalypse!

Play as 3 distinct villains, each with:
A unique lair with special floors and henchmen.
Different strategies, skills and stories.
Unique resource management styles.

Build your dream lair:
30 unique floors.
Floors that will generate resources while offline.
Special floors with unique gameplay elements.

Hire an army of evil thugs:
20+ henchmen.
Different classes, abilities.
Unique resource management gameplay.

On top of that it has all the humour and inane chatter of a Grumpy Rhino game. The makers of Idle Apocalypse.

Lovers of simulation games and incremental clickers won’t be able to put down this dastardly, near criminal RPG.

Idle Mastermind user reviews :

It’s a unique idle concept, and a fantastic game, I just wish progress was a bit faster and in game purchases weren’t the driving force behind efficiently improving and advancing through the game. This could’ve been a 4 star, but ads are also used as a reward system and are only enough to intice you into a purchase.

It’s fun. Pretty slow to start, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Keeps you from blowing through the game, like some of the idle games tend to get. I love the graphics. 8 and 16 bit sprites get me every time.

I’ve had this game for several months already ( ok wow) and I still open it daily at least a few times. I guess it’s gotta be good. Feels like I’m always curious to discover “what’s next”. Progression isn’t linear and “more of the same”. Worth trying if you enjoy idle games

Slow to start, and periods of slow-down at the top of the initial skill ladder, but the progression is way smoother than most idle games I’ve played, and there is tooooooons of post-game content.

Can’t stop laughing at the quips, one-liners, and other remarks! Great game, love the graphics—reminds me of simpler times, and great tutorial.

I like how the game thinks about the players by thoughtfully constructing great game mechanics and wit. The pixels are really small on my current android. A bit blurry but a very enjoyable game. Another success. Definitely a game I want on my Switch And Steam Deck.

Better than the the other games like it. More balanced, more replay value. Game deserves a 4.8, while its competitors have endless bots giving fake reviews. Less of a money grab than them, too.

Just as engaging and hilarious as Idle Apocalypse. Definitely one of my favorite idle games, more devs could learn a lot from you guys in the idle genre!

I’m not sure what the deal is but game has suddenly started crashing if I do anything beyond looking at resources. Can’t upgrade collect nothing.

A fun, creative, and well thought out game. The mechanics are clever, the conversations you can eavesdrop on are always a joy to read, the characters’ designs are wonderful, and the music is stellar. I adore the pixel art choice, and I love the jokes. This game takes itself the right amount of seriously, by that I mean it does everything incredibly well while making this game playful and a joy to have. I appreciate, though it may take a while, the option to unlock characters by working hard.

Good game in general, the pixel art is nice and the idea itself is addictive which is quite frightening sometimes hhhh

This is extremely fun and it is great to just check on upgrade what you can and go idle again like I love it

Fun game, love the playing as the villain part, plus it doesn’t constantly tell you to but stuff or watch ads which are your choice, but the dialog isn’t the best at first it’s funny but it gets annoying it’s the same thing over and over, perhaps add more unique dialog? A feature suggestion is to zoom in and zoom out of your lair and to go side to side as well as we can only go up and down.

It’s a nice game with funny plot to spend some time. Unique graphic design makes it to stand out. The progress in a game is slow but you’re not forced to pay for the progress if you have some patience. what i miss is the more detailed description of the game itself: how it works, what are the items, what they do, how you can get them. In addition i unfortunately by whatever reason are not able to watch ads for bonuses and that makes my game progress much slower than expected.

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