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[Game] Welcome to Primrose Lake 2

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Welcome to Primrose Lake! In this quaint little town snuggled in the remotest peaks of the Rocky Mountains, everyone here is hiding from something.

The Primrose Lake Resort and Spa is finally open for business, and it brings with it a whole host of problems. Chief among them is the Resort’s haughty proprietor, Persimmon Hollister. With her comes a whole new cast of characters that quickly turn Primrose Lake upside down!

Meanwhile, Jessica Carlyle dives deeper into her family’s mysterious history, trying desperately to solve the legacy of inexplicable deaths before anyone else dies or disappears. While Jessica is playing detective, Jenny is playing at love. Now Jenny must decide once and for all if she’ll abandon her past life and her past love or leave Primrose Lake for good.
Primrose Lake is what would happen if Northern Exposure and Twin Peaks collided to create a quirky, curious, and hilarious universe all its own.
Welcome to Primrose Lake, where everyone has a secret!


More than a cooking game, bring your time management skills to a variety of unique locations!
Get caught up in the mystery! Follow a rich story set in a quirky town with a strange and wonderful cast of characters.
New and improved minigames to satisfy your puzzle-driven desires!
Sixty-four challenge levels to test your skills.
Lose yourself in the beautiful scenery and experience a captivating soundtrack.

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Welcome to Primrose Lake 2 user reviews :

Well the game is pretty good but it is not free! It DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE ADS OPTION. If you don’t pay for it, you simply can not play it after a couple of levels, hence my rating! EDIT: They made the game free via adds option! Awesome graphics and fantastic gameplay! This second game is even better than the first one and I’m looking forward to playing the third game. Great job!

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I loved the first game- had a great and engaging story. This game still is fun for the time management levels but the story falls flat. There are levels with no story at all while the first one had scenes before and after a level that progresses the story. I feel they definitely still could’ve done more. Even if there wasn’t much added to the mystery, I thought it was interesting to see the characters lives adjusting to all the new developments.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

Was absolutely in love with both Primrose games. I purchased Primrose 2 a few months ago and never had a problem. However since the recent update, the game shuts down after every level. Cleared my cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, then I restored the purchase. These games are the only thing that gives me a break from being the sole caretaker for both of my disabled parents and it’s unbelievably frustrating to spend money on a game that won’t work now due to an update. Please fix this problem.

  • Send us an email as soon as you can with your device information, your GameHouse id and details about the issue at ghos[at]gamehouse.com and we’ll get this resolved as soon as we can.

I really enjoyed the first one and was enjoying this one…but all that’s free is the first 5 levels, I believe. EDIT: Right now the game is free to play, with ads and I am really enjoying it!!!! I cannot wait for the third one to come out…I’m just really hoping that they allow us to play it for free with ads. (So that I CAN play it) But this is a good game…just like ALL of the Delicious Emily, Hearts Hospital, Angela, etc…games are!! These are my favorite type of game.

  • Thank you for the awesome review!!! Do share the game on your social media pages as well.

I enjoyed the game. Two things one I don’t like how you had to buy the full version just to play the whole thing when you didn’t have to with the first one and secondly the game was incredibly short, I just started playing it today and it ended fast when the other version is longer. If there’s a 3rd one make sure it’s longer than this one and have a choice to either buy the full version or sit though ads

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’ll take it into consideration when making improvements to the game.

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