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Idle Pocket PlanetGrow your little planets into technological fortresses and discover new (and kind of weird) galaxies!

Set out on a cosmic voyage into the vast expanse and discover new planets to claim!

COLONIZE this mysterious galaxy as your technological achievements lead you to new stages of scientific evolution!

COMBINE your settlements and ships to create new constructs, each more powerful than the last and able to yield greater rewards!

COLLECT tons of artifacts to complete your scientific journal and decorate your ship!

EXPAND your galactic empire into sci-fi colonies, and settle on progressively unusual planets!

RELAX in a contemplative idle experience as you marvel at the soothing strangeness of space while your colonies grow on their own.

Idle Pocket Planet user reviews :

It’s a very cute idle game. It’s interactive as well. The spawning and combining the creatures. The sound effects, music, and graphics are very good. It’s really worth your time and the ads are optional which is great! The ads are a bit annoying though when I actually try them out but overall this is a good and a very lovely idling game!

Ok!! Played the game for a solid hour while watching some yt. Very cute, Very enjoyable. I thought it would be just like other clicker but i really liked the aesthetic/style of the game. Fun to play, and very calm. The designs are cute and fun to watch, easy to gather resources. If you’re looking for a cutesy and easy game to pass time, you’ll probably enjoy this one

Its a really cute kawaii app… Just one problem. Sometimes it takes SUCH A LONG TO OPEN. I open it and the screen is all black and then it closes by itself. After numerous attempts, it finally opens… Other than that there isn’t any problems. There are no adds and its really cute. Pls fix this bug cuz this is like THE PERFECT GAME without that bug

While this game is cute and mildly entertaining, as of right now it’s nothing more than an ad watching simulator. Ads are thrown at you faster than you can watch them, spawning every minute or two, in addition to being able to watch ads to spawn creatures, speed up rockets, or gain extra currency. It also requires quite a lot of attention for an idle game, as your planet will fill up in less than 15 minutes and require you to merge all your units before you can get more.

Unfortunately can’t seem to get this game to work despite being excited about it. I click through until it says “new location found”, I click on it. And then just crashes. Can’t get past this screen unfortunately. Also seems to take up a LOT of space compared to most games. Wish there was something to do about it, but doubt it. More of a heads up, you’ll probably have to clear some space off your phone.

design is extremely cute. gameplay is lacking, matching items and clicking buttons for stars can easily get boring and there are already lots of other games doing that. it would have been cool to grow the planet by changing the climate, sending some meteorites, combating diseases. Uninstalling it.

It’s cute, and I like the idle/match mechanic idea, but holy moly that’s a lot of ads. Ads for stars! Ads for free resource generators! Ads for some purple thing that spawned in the middle of the screen! Even though they’re optional it feels really intrusive.

Amazing. As usual with HyperBeard games, adorable graphics, simple concept put together wonderfully, and perfect controls. I would like to see maybe more of a soundtrack, like music behind the gameplay? But other than that, 10/10 as always

It’s your average idle game really. The art is cute but I’ve played for a little over half an hour now and I’ve already lost interest. The game audio goes away whenever you tab into your home screen or another app which kinda sucks. All in all just think about your generic merger idle game and this is exactly that.

Would easily be 5 stars but every time that white ball comes out and asks what that place was called, theres a hand point to a white space on the side of the screen where it looks like a button isn’t probably supposed to be but there’s no button and so you are just softlocked on that screen until you restart the game.

It’s a nice, casual game with beautiful colors and cute art. One thing that would be nice is an explanation of how the critters evolve and move between planets, but other than that it’s really lovely.

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