Animal Shelter Simulator – Helping abandoned and injured animals

[Game] Animal Shelter Simulator

Animal Shelter SimulatorSave our four-legged friends!

Animal Shelter game grants you the opportunity to tackle the challenging but also highly rewarding task of running an Animal Shelter for dogs, cats, rabbits, strays and other rescued animals. Witness firsthand how much effort goes into helping abandoned and injured animals as you handle a number of tasks necessary for your shelter to operate smoothly.

Clean Them
Your rescues will need to take a lot of steps on the path to improved health, and good hygiene is the very first one. Get your hands a little dirty so that their paws stay clean and their spirits soar high.

Take them for a walk
What better way to burn off all that excess energy than a good, old-fashioned trot out in the fresh air? Keep your animals stimulated and entertained. You can be sure they’ll be starved for attention!

As you succeed in your efforts, you will be faced with additional challenges. Make sure to turn them into opportunities as you invest in your facilities and expand according to your growing needs.

Convince them
The ultimate purpose of your initiative and the most rewarding conclusion to all of its efforts – when an animal makes its way to a brand new, loving home. Look after your rescues and ensure they are adopted by your shelter’s visitors.

Animal Shelter Simulator user reviews :

Wonderful game i love the freecam, the models, and the ability to actually get the currencies! My only problem is that the animals get dirty too fast, ill be taking care of one and suddenly every other animal is covered nose to tail in filth, please change it to take a little longer to be dirty again! A thing you could add is a button or something to let the animals out in the yard instead of staying in the cell more. Definitely has a lot of potential and I’m loving the game!

  • Thank you! It is a really fun game in which we put maximum effort. Stay tuned as our development team brings updates with more content to the game. Have a great day!

I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME!! it’s so cute and fun it always reminds me of my cats! and reminds me of the shelters I have gone to its so fun I was thinking of a animal shelter game like this and never expected to be a reality!! it’s fun and pretty good quality game not the super best but sure has cute cats dogs etc! I hope I can continue to enjoy this game I 100% recommend this awesome cute fun shelter game thanks! ***Lilttle Tip Use Airplane Mode Thank Me Later! When Playing This Game

  • Thank you! It is a really fun game in which we put maximum effort. Stay tuned as our development team brings updates with more content to the game. Have a great day!

Free games need ads so the creators can make a profit — but when the user ends up wasting more time watching ads than playing the game, the creators are shooting their own foot. I can’t even consider paying for this game because I’m just bombarded with long ads (some which I can’t even mute), which doesn’t allow me to even focus on the offers, and also downplays my gameplay experience. Seemed like a fun idle game but it isn’t worthy all the ads.

  • Sorry to hear you didn’t like it. This is a really fun game in which we put maximum effort, definitely worth giving a second chance. If you don’t like it, we encourage you to check out other games developed by Digital Melody. We hope you will find a game that meets your expectations. Have a great day!

3* for me! PROS: *Good gameplay *Good graphics *Decent Animals! || CONS: *For every 1-2 minutes of game play there’s always an advert or 2, some range from 15 seconds to 1 min per advert which can be annoying as you watch more adverts than actual gameplay! *£8.49 to get rid of ads forever? Maybe make it £2.99 and people might buy it

  • Thanks for your comment. As the game is distributed in “free to play” mode, advertising is the only possible way to monetize our work and to finance future productions. We hope the gameplay will make up for these inconveniences! If the amount of advertisements is unbearable, we encourage buying a “No Ads” that removes all “interrupting” ads.

So, I really like this game. I actually have a suggestion for you guys! Maybe you could make it so you can rotate the animal, to see it’s face. And one problem, too. The animals glitch and it makes them look unrealistic, but they are really cute, too. Thank you for making this app. I love it! Thanks for your time!

  • Hi! Thank you for comment. Our goal is to continually evolve the game. We are working on fixes, but also on additional content that will provide more variety of animals and ways to care for them. Have a nice day!

I really enjoy this game. Their are different tasks to perform and different animals to rescue. It’s early on in my gameplay but it doesn’t seem to be horribly repetious.

  • Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day!

It’s a good game my little girl loves it but the amount of ads about earning fake money is unbelievable! An to top it off there was an ad on there yesterday advertising a game it looked like the man was performing a sex act on the character. My little one is 7!

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