Idle Shop Manager – Become a shop manager tycoon

[Game] Idle Shop Manager

Idle Shop Manager Run your own small businesses
Stock over 200 different products for sale
Unlock new shops and personnel
Improve your products and satisfy your customers’ needs
Play offline – no internet connection required
Earn idle cash and become a shop manager tycoon

Want to run a broad range of shops, become a business tycoon and earn idle cash?

If so, Idle Shop Manager will be a perfect idle game for you with fun incremental gameplay and beautiful graphics. Open your own grocery store, bookstore, clothes store and many more to become a small business tycoon!

Our latest app Idle Shop Manager is a unique approach to the idle game / simulation game genre. The game allows you to manage your own little neighborhood stores and create a shopping avenue for your small-town customers.

This is an idle tycoon game, which means you earn idle cash even when you’re not playing.

This game can be played without internet and for free!

We are driven to constantly update and improve the app. If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us at feedback[at]!

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Idle Shop Manager user reviews :

It’s a pretty good game. My only suggestion would be add an “ad-free” payment option because watching ads can sometimes crash the game or just don’t play so I’d have to force close the game. Otherwise I’m enjoying it

  • Hey, sorry to hear you weren’t more pleased with the game! I’ve sent your thoughts on to the development team for further review. Best, Your Bling Bling Games Team

Pretty standard tycoon style game. Slow moving compared to others. Decent but nothing special. At least you don’t have to collect cards to upgrade things.

Amazing! Best idle game out there! Great idea and concept, simple but rewarding, would love a remove adds option but its not pay to play! Awesome

It’s an alright game. Good to pass time. But I can’t figure out how to gather my xp points. It all goes into Google games but I can’t collect it for the game.

Weird that you have to opt in for ads and no opt out options. It forces you through a slow tutorial with repetitive music

  • Hi, by using opt-in advertising, we can offer the game completely free of charge. All ads are player activated, so you don’t need to watch them. In the settings you can also turn off the music. If you have more feedback please send us an email to support[at], we would love to hear it! Best, Your Bling Bling Games Team

Kinda basic, mechanics aren’t explained all that well. The ad-watch bonus is only five minutes long.

The art style is very cute! No ads unless you want to watch them. A little slow but a good game!

Could possibly be a game to keep you busy for hours at a time, but great to just check in and play a couple minutes then come back later. Really enjoy playing it

  • Hello, thank you for the review. We’re glad that you like the game and hope that you keep enjoying it! Best, Your Bling Bling Games Team

Would give stars more but I’m forced to watch two ads in a row a lot since it says ad wasn’t shown properly

It’s been a charming experience so far and the art works well with the set up

Great game to pass some time. Doesn’t freeze up like most games either.

Game progress is too slow and ads are too long.

Please ad a option to allow upgrade multiple at one instead of having to hold the purchase button to buy multiple or buy 1at a time

I enjoy playing this game. All the idle. I enjoy this one. I highly recommend everybody play this game one time and you’ll be addicted to it.

Its a decent time muncher if you like tycoon style games.

  • Hi, thanks for the review. Would you let us know what it would take to make this 5 stars so we can improve our game? Send us an email to support[at] Thanks. Best, Your Bling Bling Games Team

So fun keeps me ocupied the art is just so satisfyibg its just like a fun cozy game to me

Have been playing this for a while Gets my mind off stressful things Love it…

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