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Indulge in the latest installment of the wildly successful ‘Delicious’ series and be swept away by the culinary expertise of our beloved queen, Emily. In this exciting 19th chapter, experience the thrill of high society as Emily prepares delectable dishes for a countryside engagement party in Snuggford. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness Emily’s talent in action. Experience a world of fun and entertainment that awaits you!

Emily is renowned for her culinary expertise and remarkable warmth. Her exceptional cooking skills have earned her an invitation to cater for a prestigious event hosted by a wealthy family. However, something terrible has happened! Emily finds herself embroiled in a suspenseful mystery, and her quick thinking and resourcefulness will be put to the test. Join Emily on a thrilling journey, where her delicious creations and golden heart play a crucial role in solving this mysterious case.

Ever resourceful and backed by her steadfast friend Francois, Emily rises to the challenge. Convinced of the chef’s innocence, she takes it upon herself to clear his name and uncover the hidden truths behind the poisoning. As the guest chef, players will guide Emily through the luxurious mansion, engaging with the rich family members and investigating the ingredients that could have led to the unfortunate incident.

Venture into an intriguing adventure and witness Emily’s unwavering determination to unite people, foster understanding, and seek justice. Together with Francois, they must unravel the secrets concealed beneath the grandeur of the family empire. But will they be able to uncover the truth before a life is destroyed?

The stakes are high, the secrets are deep, and the clock is ticking. Can you help Emily and Francois solve this thrilling mystery?

Get ready to experience the 19th chapter of the Delicious series, where each moment is a culinary delight and every choice you make contributes to Emily’s quest for truth and justice! Download now and embark on a deliciously thrilling adventure!

Compelling Storyline: Immerse yourself in the story of friendship & mystery
New Locations: Play brand new locations and new restaurants
Tons of levels: Play 60 story levels + 30 challenge levels
Time Management Gameplay: Play time-sensitive tasks, such as taking and delivering orders efficiently
Upgrades: Upgrade each restaurant to serve your guests faster
Mini games: Play brand new mini games that give you clues to find the culprit
Challenging Levels: Progress through a series of levels, each with increasing difficulty and new challenges
New characters: Meet new characters & customers
Decoration: Decorate locations as you progress through the game

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Delicious Mansion Mystery user reviews :

Loved the plot twist at the end! Another wonderful game. Beautiful graphics as always. My only critic is, it is an achievement to buy all the items in the shops of all chapters, however the money I made even when playing perfectly, with all stars and mini games, were not enough to buy all of them. Also another achievement is to replay levels a few times, but I got all the stars and diamonds the 1st time and had to replay anyway. There are ads, but they are before and after a level. Acceptable.

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Great game as usual! My only complaint is that quite often watching an ad to play a level or double the coins I would get kicked out of the game and have to go back into it again and again. Usually I would uninstall when a game does that but this game was so much fun I just kept playing. Beautiful graphics, lots to do, great storyline. Once that bug is fixed this will be a 5 star game. Great job developers! Can’t wait for the next one!

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I like the game so far. My only issue is the coin system. How many times do you have to play an episode to actually buy things? Even with the x2 subscriber bonus, it’s disproportionate…like my life. I play games to escape reality for a bit, and that system just irks me personally. It’s a good game though, and I’m enjoying the storyline and gameplay in general. I’ll still give you 5 stars because I’m enjoying playing the game despite my personal complaint.

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Overall fun and pretty challenging! The dialogue and plot’s entertaining too. I’m pretty satisfied with the mechanics, using ads to access levels can get a little tiring, but I’d say it’s a necessary trade

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