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[Game] Idle Survivors – Last Stand

Idle SurvivorsBOOM! A free 1200-draw box is ready for you after download!

Have fun in the adventure ;-)

A deadly plague has spread, claiming lives worldwide. As one of the outstanding survivors in this war, your mission is to stop the virus as a commander. However, you discover that it’s actually an alien plot aiming to take over our earth…
Now, time to Gear Up! Collect powerful heroes, unite other players, kick alien invaders out of earth!
Ultimate battles await you!

A perfect game for busy players on the go!
Collect AFK rewards anytime and anywhere!

Fancy vehicles show up to help you defeat aliens!
Unlock and customize vehicles with unique skins.
Equip your vehicles with powerful skills to slay the epic alien boss!

Summon, build your immortal team with heroes from 5 factions!
Enjoy zero-cost reset and Resonance level-sharing for the easy and free cultivation experience.

Dive into various funny mini-games: Sniper, 1V1 Gunshot, Memory Game, etc.
Explore the perfect hero team strategies in a variety of PVE modes, including Endless Trials, Rogue-like Expedition, Heroes Story, and many more!

Win thrilling 1V1 PVP battles and 3V3 Star Arena with global players with your strategic hero deployment.
Top the leaderboard for your honor in Cross-Server Arena.

Join a guild, fight against alien bosses with your fellows!
Occupy all bases and dominate the Guild War together with your mates by sending strategic and organized troops!

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Idle Survivors user reviews :

Enjoyable game in the beginning however it quickly becomes unplayable unless you spend money. I hit the point where I’m massively lower than the enemies I face and have no way to increase my power. It makes for an unenjoyable experience having to wait a few hours just to log in and get your idle rewards, then quit out. If you dont mind spending money, this game might be for you. You really should be able to play prior levels in order to level up.

  • Thank you for your valuable feedback! We’re working hard to introduce more balance adjustments and develope more functions for all our players. Hope you enjoy the game!

Heavily pay to win game. To keep up you would probably need to drop $100 a week, as they are constantly releasing new heros. So to be able to compete with on any PVP scale you will need to spend money. Game progression is very very slow, even worst now since last update. They have level limits imposed on campaign quests. You average about 1 campaign quest per day, even though you could go so much further. You can get around this by spending money again to get more experience.

  • Thanks for your feedback. Sorry for not bringing you a good gaming experience, we will consider optimizing campaign difficulty and remove level restrictions for a better experience.

4 stars thus far, will change to 5 stars if a change happens. Am at, chapter 7, episode 10, and I am having a rough time completing the level. I’ve spent 0,99 USD and still haven’t got through the level. I would like the ability to replay level’s. If that update rolls out I will change my rating.

  • Thank you for playing our game! When you can’t pass a level, you can take a break to get power-ups. At the same time, we will consider adding the function of replay levels.

I will change my rating to 5 stars once I see a change happen. And until then I will remain with my 4-star rating. I’m sick and tired of seeing the game say that I need a required level to move forward and it’s either I wait till reset or I put my wallet into the game. We should be able to replay missions that we’ve already completed to gain the level of experience and much more.

  • Hi! Thank you for your suggestions! We have recorded them and sent them to the technical team. You will get notifications if there are any updates about it.

This is a great idle game. It’s free to play friendly and not really pay to win heavy. The characters are unique and the game play is easy to understand. Though upgrading your summons takes some time as some of the materials aren’t abundant. So far, the players are quite friendly and the strategic ways to play adds some fun. There’s many things to do such as story progress, tower raiding, and pvp. This game has been enjoyable thus far.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We will develop more functions and activities to provide a better gaming experience.

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