Hunter Raid – Survive to the end

[Game] Hunter Raid – Idle RPG

Hunter RaidRaise and awaken the Hunters!
Survive to the end of the bloody war which started with a mysterious red portal.

Everything an Idle RPG should have

Cool Dungeons with intriguing worlds
Play anywhere in the 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」
Immersive gameplay with smooth animations and dazzling effects!

Job Advancement System (Building of Trials)
A system where you can eliminate characters from other worlds and absorb their power to become stronger
Obtain Berserker, Kensei, and Swordmaster skills

Idle Play, Great Rewards, and Fast Growth!
As an idle RPG, you can achieve fast growth with resources you can gather without doing anything.
Your stats will improve day by day!

A Guild System where you can grow with your guildmates
Cool costumes
…Other various features are also available!

Hunter Story Chapter 1: A Mysterious Portal and an Invasion
A red portal was discovered, the reason for its existence was unknown.
The huge waves of monsters that came through the portal were merciless.
90% of all humans died and Earth’s remaining creatures became disfigured.
But the monsters never stopped coming, and monsters started to create other portals to help them find the remaining 10% of humans in hiding.
Finally, a Pandora’s Box of 「Past, Present, Wulin, and Otherworld」 has opened!
…. to be continued

Hunter Raid user reviews :

Add an “French” option | Ban all the hacker | Loading screen time takes awhile | A little bit P2W but it’s not a gatcha so it’s ok | Loading time on start up takes a while. | If you are away for more than a few minutes, the game will kick you and you will have to start the loading process again. | Unplayable without ad blocker package. | Too little character in chat / add “reply to” option that sends a notification.

This is a pretty standard idle RPG game very similar to other games of the genre. The gameplay and UI is polished and the gameplay loop is fun and simple. The $4.99 ad removal package is all but necessary for the permanent buffs it gives. The things that stand out compared to other games: Notably less power creep/number inflation. The developers seem to be actively banning cheaters. Pay-to-win is limited but still there. The game does have a lack of content, but it was just released in May.

The game is very good and all but i have a problem with the boost whenever i play for a long time like 2 or 3 hours the boost level is not clickable like i cant level it up the lvl up button is still grey even tho it passed the certain amount of points ill change my review if it is fixed .. right now I can’t finish some quest without those boost

Great game, though i wish the accuracy stat can be upgraded with gold just like the other because it’s hard to finish higher chapters and higher floors on portal because even with high dmg, if you can’t hit them your stat is useless. But overall i have no problem at the game, it’s a great game.

Played since launch, it’s great, not heavily pay 2 win, a game where grinding matters. Bugs? Yes a LOT, but the tech supports are amazing and responds accordingly to your problems. There are also Cheaters which hacks the game but they are removed after some time, not the best game out there but with these kinds of improvements and where the devs are actually helping, it just might be

Loading time takes awhile when you entering the game and if ever you will get disconnected the app itself will forcibly close without even trying to reconnect. It’s annoying considering the loading time of the game is long and you will do it again if you got disconnected.

I dont even know why developers are trying to create mobile games where u must to be in game to get more powers or advantage of other players.. I dont want to put my mobile on qll night or day and destroy its battery life sooner.. sleep mode? It still geating up your battery!! Other than that its good game but has p2w problem..

Need to adjust chat box so players can complete a paragraph or a sentence. Also players on the leaderboard should be checked if they made purchases or they hacked the game. Please add coupon system. That’s all thank you!

I love the adorable graphics. A class system like hunter/archer/thief/mage would be cool. Maybe I just haven’t gotten there yet.

Cool game, just that I was petty since I refreshed my offline rewards, or something. It’s boring though since there’s like absolutely nothing in this game, it’s still on development and the first version so… yeah I’ll keep playing

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