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Idle Town MasterManage your own village and prepare it to fight for resources!

Build and prepare your villagers to confront other small towns and become the wealthiest and most powerful territory of all.

Start with a small basic village and work hard to make your reputation grow. Improve every aspect and turn your modest village into a big and prepared one with the best resources and characteristics.

Pay attention to your highlights and downs and improve them as much as possible, as you will need to be always the dominant territory. Make the proper decisions to be victorious easily no matter who the opponent is. Prepare yourself for battle and choose your perks wisely. Every single action will have an impact on your small village. Invest your assets intelligently.


Ask your fate to the Tarot cards and obtain extra benefits as multipliers, tools, or assets that will help you immediately or in the future.

Also, take advantage of the nature available and plant some crops, take wood out of the trees, or make use of the local mine with interesting prices!

Don’t forget to complete some tasks that will give you very juicy rewards.


Build and upgrade some structures wisely to improve a few aspects of your little town: a Sawmill, Houses, a Quarry, a Carpenter Shop… Every natural resource will be useful for development and improvement!

Make your villagers comfortable and happy and they will make a good performance in battle and will also multiply your population!


Need more items to expand your territory? Let’s make a friendly visit to the villages close by! Confront real players’ towns and “borrow” their resources to take them to your home. Take into account that you need to be properly prepared for this, as they are very strong villages around!

Get ready to manage and prevail as a successful village empire above the rest. Start today!

Main Features:

Casual and strategic gameplay for every kind of player
More detailed management system
Resources administration
Dozens of buildings to be unlocked and upgraded
Lots of interaction
Cute pixel graphics
A small living world in miniature

Idle Town Master user reviews :

Great game, lovely art style. Doesn’t get boring and there’s some depth to the gameplay! However, the game freezes occasionally but it doesn’t cause the game to close. Faced an issue with the event as well, it doesn’t update my score on the leader board. Resources sometimes doesn’t increase over time, reopen the game overnight and no resources were collected. More updates soon please because I’ve reached the latest map!

  • Hi, We appreciate your rating! We’ll keep up the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games. If you want to share further feedback for future updates or report a technical issue, please contact us through the in-game support chat. Best

The graphics are nice, though there is a lot of talking and explaining. But it’s nice building up the town until the game forces you to leave that town and build yet another one. So all that hard work kind of seems pointless. Wish you could just have one plot and build up as well as expand from there. It’s still fun. it just kind of feels pointless since you redo everything over and over and over… Edit: It’s still a repetitive game that forces you to rebuild everything.

  • Each village is different, in different parts of the map with different challenges, resources, and ambiance. The new levels will include the previous game features and add new ones. Best

Tutorial is painfully slow, thankfully it’s short. The game is constantly being detected as “not responding” even when the app isn’t being used (but hasn’t been cleared from the list of open apps). My issue is less with the gameplay and how it runs. Will update score if these glaring and annoying technical bugs are solved. I’ve never seen an app do this lol.

  • Hi, We appreciate your rating! We’ll keep up the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games. If you want to share further feedback for future updates or report a technical issue, please contact us through the in-game support chat. Best

An idle game that is exactly as shown in the ad, rare. Speaking of ads… while there are indeed a lot of those, all are completely optional and decently compensated without being required for advancement. While there are a lot of options for micro transactions, the only aspect of the game that involves other players isn’t affected by spending money. Well executed both in gameplay and ad incentive as well as ad HONESTY.

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