Magic Princess – Be the fashion royal in the land

[Game] Magic Princess – Dress Up

Magic PrincessMagic Princess, the fantastically fun dress up game that allows you to create your very own girl and compete with friends to be the fashion and stylish royal in the land.

With a huge array of clothing options and accessories to mix and match, all eyes will be on your fashion star!

Dress up completely unique and beautiful magic girl characters with customizable skin colors and hairstyles. Select from a massive wardrobe of clothing, shoes, and accessories to give her own fabulous personality. Combine and coordinate to your heart’s content to dress up different looks showcasing your style and creativity.

At the fashion dress up games, we’ve invested substantial time into the exquisite design of our characters. From silky smooth animations to intricate modeling, we ensure your magic princess will be unbelievably detailed. Admire your doll’s darling expressions and movements as she spins and dances in her stunning clothes.

Get ready to compete with friends in our Fashion Dress up Style competition! Flaunt your unique outfits and hairstyles to see who will be crowned the most stylish and fashion-forward princess. As you play, train your girl and unlock more fantastic beautiful outfits and accessories to continue dominating the competition. Go to PK!

Visit our Royal Shopping Mall to buy the latest trendy beautiful outfits, hairstyles, and luxury items to further enhance your princess’s beauty and style. Take advantage of exclusive discounts and savings on princess fashions, so you can always stay ahead of the latest trends.

Are you ready to become the ultimate fashion princess? With so many gorgeous designer clothing and accessory options, you’ll have endless possibilities to create your dazzling princess look. Give your paper doll princess the style of a superstar and become the fashion-forward princess around. Download Magic Princess and start your journey!

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Magic Princess user reviews :

It’s lovely, and the graphics are amazing and all, but for the love of all things, please, PLEASE calm down with the ads! I don’t want to have to literally wait through a one minute ad every few seconds, then FORGET the idea I had in mind! Please, fewer ads or do banner ads instead instead of pop-up ones. Maybe limit it to only getting items when you see ads. Please take this into serious consideration. It will get you more players that last.

Very very cute game, the outfits are adorable and the little voices on the home screen are also cute, it has a nice atmosphere but unfortunately it has so many ads, and so many things are locked behind ads as well! However, there’s one glaring issue with the game that seems to be only happening for me? Whenever there’s an ad, which is often, the game crashes after the ad is closed which is very strange? It’s a weird bug and I hope it gets fixed!

I have to say awesome game. Actually I designed a character and won a art competition with it! But there are a. Lot. Of. Ads. Like in quite a few of the categories you only have like 1 other choice than the default setting. Also in most of the categories there’s so little to pick from, you can’t color anything but the hair, and there’s not a lot of categories to pick from. Also if I find a good pair of eyes to use the eyebrows don’t really match the mood and emotion of my character. Ok game tho.

Cute game! The art is aesthetically pleasing with lots of outfits, hairs, and other things to choose from, as most dressup games should! One star off because of all the ads! I know games need them to “generate revenue” and all that, but a (usually) UNSKIPPABLE 30 second or popup ad at app startup, AND after every THREE clicks during dressup? Kind of unreasonable, consider removing most of the ads and ONLY keeping the optional ones (like the ones you can watch to get items or coins!)

Great game. Also very cute. Though I have one issue. Whenever I go into pk battle then come out I’m always greeted now with “please rate us” I even rated them but it still shows. I tried closing the app and opening it again but even when I open it, it still pops up. It’s the same thing whenever I go onto my profile then go back to the home screen. It basically happens whenever I go into something out of home then come back. But other than that it’s a good game and I recommend.

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