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Idle Zombie MinerIn a world filled with idle games, “Idle Zombie Mining Tycoon” is a fresh addition to tycoon games and simulator games. This isn’t just about being an idle miner; it’s an epic journey across realms of adventure games, where every tap brings fortune.


Discover uncharted territories, expanding your domain in this unique blend of mine games and adventure games. Whether it’s trying to find diamonds or unearthing glistening gold, the thrill never ends.

Not just another tap game. As the ultimate hero, dictate the pace of your zombie miners. Combine clicker strategies and managerial prowess, dig deep in exciting digging games.

Idle hero are waiting for the challenges. Whether it’s idle construction 3d tasks or battling competitors in miner games, the adventure never stops.

Every tycoon needs their castle. Design an opulent mansion to reflect the success of your mining empire. Dive into economy games mechanisms and enjoy the experience of building and showcasing your achievements.

Offline idle games mechanics ensure you’re always in the money. Your empire earns even when you’re away, truly the epitome of idle money.

Dive into the realm of idle zombie games. Lead your zombie crew, optimize digs, and watch as your coffers overflow in this immersive tycoon simulator.

Gold mines, bustling zombies, and endless riches beckon. From clicking games to intense simulation games, “Idle Zombie Mining Tycoon” offers a smorgasbord of features. With the spirit of an adventure capitalist, the strategy of a seasoned manager, and the thrill of finding treasure, this game has it all.

Whether you’re a fan of idle building games, on the hunt to find diamonds, or seeking to build a mining empire. Join the ranks of elite miners, tap into your potential, and ascend the tycoon throne!

Idle Zombie Miner user reviews :

This is a great game, but current the bonus Halloween game is glitching. If I take a break from the game and leave, my progress is resetting back to the very beginning of the level I am on. This has already happened more than once and had happened twice just today. That also means i am wasting my time jumps since i am resetting back with level 1 zombies and no progress.This is very frustrating. Please fix asap.

  • Please contact us at support[at], support team will be glad to help you with the problem!

I will say that so far there hasn’t been any impromptu ads which is refreshing to see. But docked points for approving ads that are nothing like the game. This isn’t a “misinterpretation” of the ad, this is blatantly showing an ad with gameplay that is absolutely nothing like how the game is played. Why would you be that embarrassed about your game that you need to advertise it as something else?

  • Thank you for your time and feedback. It will help us to improve our game in the future. Stay tuned for more and hope you’re not disappointed.

For a direct 1-to-1 rip off of another game called Gold and Goblins, it’s a fun time. It’s slow, and does definitely become an idle style game, where you log in every few hours to do a couple quick things, but it’s got fun, cartoony graphics, and fun events. I think G&G may have better balance, but overall, I enjoy this. Would be better if it weren’t a typical “freemium” game slap full of ways to spend more money, especially with the ad-free being $20USD, like every other cash grab on here.

  • Much obliged for your feedback! We’re going to improve and develop the game so you can enjoy it even more. Stay tuned and happy mining!

It takes too long to level up the miners because the price jumps significantly from one zombie to the next. The timers on anything you are trying to mine isn’t correct. The time is off by one to two minutes longer than quoted

  • Please contact our support team at support[at] and describe the timer issue in detail.

I am greatly enjoying the game, however, I do not see an option to remove ads like in other idle games. For that reason, I only rated 3 stars. If there is an option to remove ads that I am not seeing, or if one is added, I will rate 5 stars!

  • Thank you for feedback! You can check all special offers by tapping icon with a chest at the bottom left of the screen.

Fun game, but $30 for NO ADS forever is way too much. Other games like this charge half of this, but regardless, still a fun game to play.

  • All final prices in the store are formed by the store itself according to its internal policies as well as local laws and taxes. The developers can’t affect this. We’ll pass your feedback on to the devs team.

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