Slime Evolution – Create a new slime

[Game] Slime Evolution

Slime EvolutionRaise cute little slime and take care of a slime farm of your own!

How to enjoy ‘Slime Evolution!
1. Create a new slime
combine the same slime and a new slime appears.

2. Set an element of the slime
slime can have water / fire / or grass elements.
Each element has different characteristics, so choose wisely!

3. go on an advanture with your Slime.
You can get a slime and jewery during the advanture.

4. Check your field guide book
You can check the name of slimes with funny explanation and their ability.

5. Make a special Slime
Try to make a special slime by finding a new way other than existing evolution method.

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Slime Evolution user reviews :

Liking it mostly, but merging is hard with so much on the screen. Needs a way to merge faster/easier and probably a sort button as well

I absolutely love this game! The slimes look so cute and bizarre, it reminds me of the ‘Basher™ Science’ books. The game overall is very relaxing; very easy to calm the nerves for a while. The battle system is simple, and fun to sit through. However, progression is a little slow, so I’d like to see a new type of shovel; one that gives you Mu (water), Bobo (fire), and Pue (grass) at random. It doesn’t have to show up all the time; at least every so often. Besides that, great game!

It’s simple and cute. Although I think that there’s a lack of features, it is a game with a lot of potential. Maybe if we can mix and combine slimes from different attributes and creates hybrids, it would be more interesting, rather than the linear evolution. Otherwise, a daily reward system or quest might be a good addition too.

Great fun at the start, becomes more tedious as you continue. The game is missing a middle ground. Getting the final element slimes takes too long and it does put people off. If you could upgrade for a change of higher tier spawns or anything, would make this a little less painful. Cute game but I think it needs some work to remove the tedious feeling of reaching the best slimes.

It’s nice game, but Ad’s are launching on their own after an adventure.

Need more google play achievements, already got all of the achievements.

Pretty cute. I like it so far. My only complaint is that the cost of upgrading your slimes is wack. Example: upgrading your slimes poo time at one point goes from 100k to 1 mil. Thats fine and all but the next time it goes from 5 mil to 50 Mil. Thats way too big of a jump especially for a game that you have to exit the game to get the most coins.

Yeesh, so there’s no auto merge. Buy anything and it’s price gets like 4x more expensive each time, selling is not worth it, why even give people the option? Messed up my progress assuming that once I’ve sold an evolved creature, the gems prices would go back down. That’s not the case, was not worth selling. No way to increase pen size, battles are very basic, each time you win the power meter gets faster, making future wins less likely. Not my cup of tea. Have to separate groups all the time

This game looks really interesting, and I’d love to keep playing it for hours on end, but every time I play the game the screen dims for a second after launch, and I’m forced to press the back button on my phone, and then less than a minute later the game crashes. Developers, if you see this, please find a way to fix this bug!

Anxiety the game. Don’t believe me? Play it for a few days. Before long they will spawn almost as fast as you can click. Far faster than you can manage them. A screen full of similar looking things that you can never sort out properly. Sometimes they don’t combine and just bounce off each other. Sometimes a shovel pops up and you didn’t drag a slime at all. Spend a theoretically unlimited amount of time furiously attempting to make it organized. Good luck. Apart from that, decent evolution game.

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