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[Game] Idoly Pride – Idol Manager

Idoly PrideCan you hear it? Song of the girl’s that tug at our heartstrings.

The story of the pretty idols who worked tirelessly to become a top idol, culminating in the Grand Prix.
IDOLY PRIDE is finally on the world stage!

New original story!
The beginning of a new story after the original animation.
Become the manager of Hoshimi Productions and take center stage in the girls’ coming-of-age drama.

Enjoy the best live performance in high-quality 3D!
A live stage featuring upbeat music and adorable dances from pretty idols.
Utilize the vocal, dance, and visual characteristics of your idols and strategically organize them for the live stage.

Cast and produce your idols according to your manager’s preferences!
Cast the idols that appear in the original story according to your own preference.
Organize girls in groups and develop them into the ultimate idols.

Various outfits and the Photo shooting function!
Take a nice picture of the idols wearing the outfit you chose.
In addition to wearing outfits that match the concept, you can take photos of the girls’ live performances and daily lives.

Exciting 1:1 conversations with your favorite idols!
Get to know your favorite idols in a 1:1 personalized interaction.
Become a manager and consult and resolve confusions, worries, and conflicts that girls experience through calls and texts.

Managing idols’ daily routines and fans is an essential part of being a manager!
Gathering as many fans as possible is important if you want a successful live performance!
Manage your idol’s schedule with fan events, promotions, and breaks so that they can be loved by their fans.

If you want to feel the youth, excitement, and growth of girls on their path for top idols,
Be the manager of IDOLY PRIDE now!

“Now, to the peak of idols!”





Help Center
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E-mail address: mobilegamecs[at]

Idoly Pride user reviews :

Finally, we get the idle game that KNOWS it is an idle game! If you really feel competitive, the complex battle system lets you optimize in incredible depth. If you’re just bored, the long story animations and the photo mode can both kill a lot of time. But those are optional, and there’s also no stupid trendy weekly grindy exploration mode. If you’re busy, you can just idle your idols until they are proud enough to beat the next stage on auto. It’s a great setup, I wish it was the norm.

One of my favorite games, really great character designs and an AMAZING story/plot. But there are some negatives about the game. Number 1, i dont really like the gameplay and its kinda boring. Number 2, you can definitely tell the the translations for this game were rushed (nothing that makes the story confusing or anything just small grammar mistakes that are annoying). But beside that this game is a 10/10! Would recommended for people into anime and idols

as a person who doesn’t really like Idol games , this game Is a master piece . It has very high quality visuals and definitely f2p . There are a lot of rewards . But there Is a big problem : crashes . I cannot enjoy the game with how It keeps crashing every 5-10 minutes during lives etc etc . It’s very unsatisfying . Please fix the crashes asap .

This game is pretty good. The “gameplay” is pretty interesting, you get to see your idols dancing on a stage and getting points by using each of their own unique abilities. Honestly one of the more decent idle games you can play right now. I just hope they’ll add a music player because i really want to listen to the songs they have in the game without having to play the main story.

God music, loveable characters, good story. The “gameplay” itself is pretty much a management simulator where you grow your idols and see how they perform in LIVES (you don’t do anything during lives, but you can change their positions before each lives to maximize scores) overall i like it, very good launch with no bugs (for me). And there’s a lot of rewards for new players.

Just finished tutorial and here’s what I gotta say; right now, I don’t see it as anything worth spending money on, while I get it’s meant to be a management simulator, it’s pretty boring. The “Live’s” should have something for you to do, they’re something you should skip right now. The animation and art style look pretty nice to see. I just want to see male idols being added as well.

Amazing graphics, adorable waifus, catchy tunes, interesting story that uses 3D model cutscenes (no static Visual Novel sections) chill gameplay. Its an idle so dont expect to no life the game…but its a great side game. I reccomend you watch the anime (warning: u prob gonna cry) but not neccesary, “Hoshimi Arc” in this game is a reimagining of the anime.

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