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Smithing MasterMonsters rampage freely, and the world is filled with crises. You have become a part of this adventure.

You are a legendary smithing master who possesses the essence of forging and a valiant hero shouldering a heavy responsibility, fighting alone.

With determination, you embark on a journey to vanquish monsters and the Seven Deadly Sins, fighting to restore this fantastical world.

Game Feature:
Core highlights, equipment forging.
Forge over a hundred types of equipment with your own hands, upgrade the forging anvil, continuously enhance equipment quality and personal strength.

Collect and synthesize, elves assisting.
Cultivate elves, fight side by side with them, and the unique skills of the elves will help you overcome challenges.

Ever-changing, endless adventures.
A series of challenges such as quests, competitions, world bosses, and more. Only with thorough preparation can you face various crises.

Casual RPG, stress-free.
Play as a legendary smithing master and hero, engage in battles without pressure, enjoy a relaxed gaming experience to the fullest.

Dark style, eerie legends.
The Seven Deadly Sins are determined to rule the entire world, twisting it into a corrupt and decayed land…

Smithing Master user reviews :

I can’t say the best but it can be the best with some updates. For example, not only pets but also companions would be great. Also some skills and different types of enemies would make it more fun. Waiting for the smith to get a higher item is exciting but we need to find a solution to the slow leveling up.

  • Thank you for your comment, very happy to hear your recognition of the gameplay, about the slow upgrade problem you mentioned we will also pass it to the production team for consideration and optimization, thank you for your attention to the game!

Intriguing game!! It’s easy to start and all the levels are just at the right point to keep you playing. Nice graphics and relaxing music. You can forge all the equipment for the character with simple clicks. Definitely, a good choice to kill time. 5 stars from me!!!

  • Thank you for your love and support of our game, we have a unique style of game drawing. At the same time, our operation is also very simple, very convenient for players to operate, it is a good choice for you to spend time in your spare time.

It’s pretty good. When I first got the game I will admit it did take a bit to get to level 20 to get the auto grinder. Which honestly made the game so much better, before the auto button I was becoming annoyed easily by the progression. The only thing I’d want to ask to be worked on is the pets, right now you can only go to them by pressing the pet and going to it from there. Not to mention there isn’t much to do with them, or give them. I’d love more on pets. Aside from that, pretty good game

  • Thank you for your patient comments. We do require players to manually maneuver in the early stages of the game, and this is to give players the feeling of experiencing their characters more. Regarding your suggestion about fairy, we have received it. We will consider optimizing it, so please keep an eye on the changes in the game

I like games with probability so this game really suit my taste. Character stats are also diverse which make every player character different from each other. The lack of enemy design is understandable since the game is quite new. It would be interesting to add a bit of a story to make the game more engaging. The game is just a week old so im looking forward to its future upadtes.

No ads. Somehow exactly the gameplay I was looking for. Great artwork, despite the stylistic whiff for me. I love the way the equipment gets upgraded, along with the forge. EDIT: No ads means no sudden interstitial unwanted ads. That’s not a problem, that’s a huge huge bonus.

  • Thank you for liking our game style and gameplay. We are also very happy to have your support. Can you describe in detail the problem you are having with the ads not being viewed. You can contact us through our in-game customer service, or contact our support team: We will help you to solve this asap.

Great game! Really! 1 day and I’ve already played like 6 hours. Good, but it gets a bit bland later on. Having skills would spice things up here, I really suggest this. Also, 1 issue I came across, some of the head items are way too big compared to the rest of the body, could we have the other items made bigger to match the rest of the outfit? Would be awesome imo.

  • Thank you for your positive comments after the experience, our game will continue to unlock more new ways to play such as our adventures and expeditions. We will seriously consider this costume suggestion you mentioned. We hope to bring you a better game experience in the future optimization, please pay more attention to our game in the follow-up.

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