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[Game] IMAE Guardian Girl

IMAE Guardian GirlA girl who, in exchange for immortality, loses her memories every time she falls asleep.

Learn about fragments of her memories from the spirit Dambi, and set off towards the Moon Garden in pursuit of the truth. This is a story of today, endlessly repeating…

Can it be said that today is forever, when yesterday has already been lost?

IMAE Guardian Girl is a girl’s survival rogue-like action game. Acquire a Memory Fragment and embark on a thrilling journey to the Moon Garden. The more monsters you defeat, the stronger you become. Records of all adventures do not disappear and are stored as Memory Fragments. Experience the fun of thrilling battles in the limitless Moon Garden!

Let’s train and find Memory Fragments
You can train your character to become stronger. At first, you start with one skill, but as you gradually upgrade your skills, you can kill dozens or hundreds of monsters with a single attack. All play records are saved as Memory Fragments. All of the active skills, passive skills, and equipment effects remain in the Memory Fragments, so you can fully enjoy the rewards of training!

Find your own skill combination
Skills are divided into active skills and passive skills. You can acquire a total of six active skills to hit enemies directly, and you can choose a passive skill to increase the thrill of battle. How you fight depends only on your adventurer sensibilities. Which attack is more effective, a contact attack or a projectile attack? Depending on the combination of skills you choose, a different battle unfolds every time. Feel the thrill of getting additional effects through skill upgrades.

Use weapons and armor
Use the attack skills and special skills in your equipment. Every weapon from Common to Mythic has one attack skill. If you look at the rank effect, you can see which element makes you more powerful when you attack. And the armor is equipped with special skills. A special skill that can absorb all EXP or completely eliminate enemies! Use it whenever you need help.

Test your limits in the Moon Garden
You can enter the Moon Garden with Memory Fragments that store your training records. If you have entered the Moon Garden, you no longer need to collect EXP. It’s proof that you’re strong enough, and that it’s time for battle. Defeat all the monsters that move in groups. The more Eliminations, the bigger the rewards you get. In order to survive for a long time, you need a special strategy that’s fit for an adventurer. Are you not satisfied with the results? If so, try challenging yourself with other Memory Fragments.

Experience more with the Season System
Moon Garden is seasonal. Everyone may freely compete, and at the end of the season, rewards are awarded based on ranking. The final ranking is based on the highest number of points scored during a season. Titles are given to everyone according to the rank achieved. Of course, limited titles and special rewards are also prepared! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the rank you want. If you recall the specialized effects that change with every season, the opportunity will always belong to the adventurer!

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IMAE Guardian Girl user reviews :

New update is terrible. Before, you could build how you wanted, depending on luck on level ups and had an option to scrap them. Now, you’re just stuck with the three choices presented and you have to pick one. This is pretty stupid considering there are items that give you boosts based on types of damage and how many skills in each you got. Now it is all based on the luck of the draw and suck it if you wanted to build a certain element.

initial game is rough. very little progress or rewards in my first few runs. survivor set is good, if not great. bad point is the skills. too many directional or thin field skills in a game where controls are… limited. could be personal preference there. stamina system seems to be 1 run every 4 hours? with each run currently lasting about 5 minutes (if I’m lucky) that doesn’t feel so good

The aesthetics, atmosphere and music is done right. But gameplay feels bare and laking in depth, especially when compared to other auto-battlers. Biggest problem is lack of earnible rewards. No extra characters, few unlockible skins, a pointless gear system. Game modes aren’t fun or engaging in long run The daily quest and login checklists are needlessly convoluted and long. So to simplyfy, the game is overcomplicated in it’s reward and monetization, and minimised in content and gameplay-depth.

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