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Lucky BuddiesWelcome to Lucky Buddies – the ultimate game of luck and strategy!

Join them in their fight against the evil Pi-rats, help them free the dragons and take back the treasure!

In Lucky Buddies the more, the merrier! Unlock a wide variety of Buddies, each with their unique powers, to help you on your journey to victory: Fight the Pi-Rats, win the Clan Wars, beat the Rat Race and climb the leaderboard to become the ultimate leader by strategizing your moves and using your Buddies’ powers to your advantage.

Get ready for an adventure like no other! Explore the magical islands and discover new worlds on your quest to defeat the Pi-rats. Don’t forget to visit the Dragon Island to feed the dragons and set them free!

Spin the reels to earn coins, attack others’ teams and win awesome rewards!
Use your coins to upgrade buddies’ power and unlock special abilities to make you the master of battle!
Each spin holds a chance to win crazy challenges and explore the Buddies’ adventures: Climb the Tower of Power, get lucky with Rainbow Rush, test your skills with Whack a Rat and Toss the Dice with the Buddies to grab amazing rewards!

Collect cards and complete albums to win rewards and get ahead of your rivals!
Missing a card? Not a problem! Trade cards with millions of other players and become a part of a great community of gamers that will help you out!

F R I E N D S!
Invite your friends to play Lucky Buddies with you! How? Easy! Use Facebook , Messanger, WhatsApp and more to get your friends to join in on your adventure and fight together as a clan!
Playing with friends isn’t just fun and more exciting – it also makes it easier to earn bonuses and climb the leaderboard!
Show off with your progress and victories on social media and get crazy prizes!


Mini Games: Test your skills in exciting quests and win amazing prizes!!
Challenges: With new challenges added regularly, there are endless opportunities to advance and beat your rivals!
Tournaments – Think you can be #1? Win the tournaments and become a Leader!
Clans: Join a clan or create your own, and battle as a team to win the GRAND PRIZE in the epic Clan Wars!
Reward Calendar: Daily rewards are waiting to be picked up, all you have to do is get in the game and grab them!
Snag and Strike: Snag your friends’ coins and strike their Teams – Revenge has never been sweeter!

So are you ready to get lucky? Play now and join our world-wide community of Lucky Buddies!

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Lucky Buddies user reviews :

Not a very fun game, too many issues with it freezing up constantly for no reason (it’s not the device, it’s the app). I had a 3 star review but the app is getting worse by the day. I have tried multiple devices, the app still acts up. It will say check your connection when it acts up, even if your connection is fine. I’d much rather have ads than deal with this. I can’t even upgrade my buddies, as that’s the ONE part of the app that always malfunctions. Not worth the efforr

There’s really not much “game” to this game. I’ve never played a game where I can just set it to auto and walk away while the game plays. No strategy or thinking needed. Graphics are pretty good and you can upgrade characters but as far as game play, there’s really not much to it. Not as obnoxious as some games about selling and ads are minimal.

So it does some odd stuff. It seems to happen when you have 1000s of energy, but I well let it auto for a bit and I’ll come back and all of a sudden it’s running it maxed it. Before you know it your energy is half in like 2 min. You have to constantly be looking at it to not allow it to happen. Second it has shut down on me multiple times and when I start it back up, it starts at 40 energy when I had it at 5. Sneaky.

  • Thank you for this feedback, we’re sorry to hear that you experienced problems with the game Please send us a message via the “contact” button in the settings area, we will gladly check it out for you!

The constant ads when starting the game and when you run out of energy for your next spin is completely unnecessary every single time. As you progress, you have to bet more and wait more. It would be a good concept except the devs make this game basically unwinnable in any timeframe except months or years without paying to win.. I would avoid this app and find a more user friendly and not as demanding pay to win scenario. After the tutorial, I have yet to even roll more energy. It’s bogus.

  • Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you feel this way about our game If you have any suggestions on how we could improve your experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us You can contact us via the “contact” button in the settings area.

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