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Infinite Heroes  A casual Idle RPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you exploring and battling!

To save the world of Norn’land,you will summon an army of mythic heroes from distinct cultures to create your own elite team. You can train them to enhance their abilities with skills,Upgrade their equipment,mold them into living weapons, and assemble the greatest strategic card game party ever seen.You can lead them to fight against powerful bosses and enemies bravely. Enjoy the glory of victory and rewards.Your army will even collect rewards while you are AFK to help you rebuild your kingdom!


Summon Powerful Angels
Collect heroes from 6 factions to your side.Assemble balanced teams of mage、support、Tank、ranger、warrior,and more to defeat your enemies. Each faction enjoys formation buffs and factional advantages over other factions.

PVP Arena
Go head-to-head with other players to Change the card lineup and climb the rankings in intense arena battles.You can challenge players of this server or other servers to become the top of the game.

Heroes strategy
Choose development paths from different masteries and artifacts to give your heroes many possible builds in RPG style. you have full control of each of your champions‘ attributes,strengths and weaknesses.

Fight Epic Boss Battles
Vanquish dozens of challenging bosses for loot and special champion drops!Cut down scary dragon、chaotic realm、shadow altar-then go beat them again for more powerful gear.

Auto Battle When AFK
This game allows you to decide your level of involvement. You can actively participate in every battle or set up your team to explore and battle by themselves in idle mode. With one tap later, you can end the war and get rewards immediately, which can save more time to explore the unknown world.

awesome rewards
Auto battle and earn awesome rewards more than seven times when offline.Login to receive diamonds and gold coins,as well as scarce cards and advanced equipment!The AFK rewards get better and better every day.


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Welcome to the community of “Infinite Heroes”. Join us and talk with us about the casual gacha, pvp&pve modes of this rpg game and so on.

Infinite Heroes user reviews :

So far this is a fun game with good graphics. Heroes are easy to obtain. I am just wondering how the game continues. ..coming from E&P, my main game, I can’t quite see this going anywhere…like still playing it in 2 years. For now though it’s fun. Much as I thought…now that have all but one hero and they are all at 120 , there seems to be nothing I can do except throw a lot of money at it and for that it’s not good enough. – uninstalled after 2 months.

I want to give five stars.But game is very lagging at hero picking stage.Not lag in battle.Please fix this lagging and phone is super hot after 20mins playing.My phone Ram is 3GB redmi note 6pro.Also I hope for fix this too.Game is great.I think this game base on many other game look likes Mobile legend, League of legend and also Dota . Its ok I like it.

Could be a great game but needs more tips for beginners it’s really good at the start but as you progress it’s frustrating the heros freeze and impossible to win any levels. I’ve tried contacting you about it but no response.
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  • Please contact our facebook Infinite Heroes, we will help you check the problem asap

All heroes are so cool!i really like this game.also thanx for the GC,devs.while im playing everyday, i noticed that there were only 5 heroes are allowed to play in all battle which seems to be 6 faction heroes can be summon.put additional slot for another character to join in battle if we want to play it in each different faction to complete.

Edited*Reduce memory usage, make it a little more friendly for potato phone (actually the game is quite playable), add skip battles, add heroes/skins, and some optimizations for some heroes, make your own gacha… Hmm… Not very good for me,-
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  • Thank you for your advice.

Game is good until you get a team around level 100. Cannot get lucky enough to get a legendary hero. Stuck in the nightmare tower level 80ish and campaign level 7. Nothing to do to get around it so I guess the game is dead for me.

Graphics are awesome play style is intuitive pleasure to play. Would like to see more support types earlier in the game

Create this game into moba (but u need more creativity) so all around the world player will be interested to your game, listen my advice, you’ll get better bright in the future, this is the secret (be friendly characters on all ages) okay
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  • Thank you for your advice.

Latest Update :

New update and optimization:
1.Optimize some art interfaces
2.Fix some known bugs

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