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[Game] Invincible – Guarding the Globe

InvincibleInvincible: Guarding the Globe is an idle squad RPG set in the Invincible universe featuring a new story never seen in the Invincible comics or Amazon Prime TV series, with graphic multi battle action, character collection, team management, idle features and, of course, super-powered visuals.

Accompany the highly rated Invincible Amazon animation with the first Invincible mobile idle action RPG.
Embark on a complete campaign with an original story – a new narrative with familiar characters where you join the Global Defense Agency to unravel the mystery of a deadly clone army (and… stolen burger meat?) working alongside the head of the GDA, Cecil Stedman.

Recruit a team of iconic characters from the Invincible comics and show. From obvious all-time favorites like Invincible and Atom Eve, to the notorious Flaxans, Mauler Twins and more.
Gain battle experience to level up your characters, combining clones to increase their rank and achieve new heights of strength, power, and overall badassery.

Assemble your team and deploy them into blood-soaked action RPG battle.
Each squad member has a role: Attacker, Defender, or Support.
It’s up to you to choose the best combo for each encounter. During combat, each member of your team can unleash their own powerful ultimate ability to smash and/or rip the enemy to a pulp and/or shreds and claim victory.

Run idle battles in the background while you’re AFK living your everyday life. Even better, accumulate tons of rewards to collect when you’re back!
Get more out of your team, send them on GDA Ops: secondary battle that runs separate from the main storyline, played simultaneously.

Team up with friends to deploy a group of heroes co-op. Prepare for social battle together, facing waves of Magmanites, Reanimen and Flaxans popping up, dropping down, or portal-ing themselves in from other dimensions.

Always good to have a little extra padding! Send your team into battle fully equipped with four categories of gear: chestwear, legwear, footwear and gloves.
Add special, unique gear known as artifacts for extra stat bonuses or passive effects.
Each piece of gear has a rarity level and can be upgraded to enhance its benefit even further.

There’s a mall’s-worth of different stores to check out. Recruit heroes, acquire gear, currencies and more! Pop into Cecil’s Recruitment Department or D.A. Sinclair’s Lab to get new idle heroes. Or visit Art’s Tailor Shop to purchase equipment and other items of interest.
Get what you want in transparent shops without frustrating gacha mechanics or lootbox systems.

More action to keep you on your toes – complete daily and weekly goals for huge in-game rewards, with frequent special offers, unique in-game events, and more to come. Each month a new character from the Invincible universe will be revealed and available to recruit for your team.

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Invincible user reviews :

I really like the game. Easy to navigate, graphics are seamless, and the upgrade mats (although grindy after a certain level) are idle rewards. The bosses can be tough, which makes you grind for upgrades, totally fine. No ads to bother you. One thing that would be kind of nice would be the reset character options for base characters that haven’t been upgraded. It would only allow it to a certain point and also allows better team building. That’s the only thing I would change.

Hey, since I know you read this let me give some feedback: The game itself is VERY buggy. You have major issues with players losing network connection. I’ve tried the game on different devices using different ways to connect, but the game will inevitably crash, reboot and players willl find that they’ve lost their progress. This is an issue as the game seems to automatically save your progress at random. I’ve lost hours because of this.

  • Hey! We’re sorry to hear you did not enjoy the game, be assured we take your feedback seriously. Please consider we’re still working on the game and we’ll introduce new improvements soon. Thank you.

To be honest I enjoy the game so far. Buggy but I manage. However since the new event started I have had issues. First I had one logging in after the update I kept getting an out of sync error. I started my first event mission and it disappeared when it had finished. No rewards just gone. Now I’m having trouble logging in again but this time as a network error and it can’t connect to servers. I’ve used my Wi-Fi, my 5g mobile data, I restarted my phone, checked for an update.

  • Hello! We are sorry to hear about this. Please try to reach our support team for assistance. You can find them here: They will do their best to help you! Thank you.

The show was great, never read the comics, from what I’ve played in this game its a good distraction when you need it, they seem to have the character personalities as similar as I remember. Nice artwork, so far not I’m not forced to buy from the shop like other mobile games. The resources collected while not in game is awesome and should always be a thing for games like this. Overall I’d say it’s a 5 star, super hero collecting rpg/beat’em up that works, especially if you are a fan of the show.

As a huge fan of Invincible, I was super stoked when this game became available. This is my first afk game and I think its systems are compelling and are engaging when you play it. After 10 days, I find myself hitting roadblocks in progression which need you to wait until your missions are completed (or pay for resources with in-app purchases). I really enjoy this game when I’m able to make progress, even if that is only for a couple minutes each day.

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