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[Game] Tales and Dragons – New Journey

Tales and DragonsWelcome to the fantastic world of “Tales & Dragons: New Journey”!
This free open-world fairy tale idle RPG offers the perfect work-game balance, allowing you to level up your Heroes while you’re at the office.
In this magical adventure of fairy tales and dragons, you are the chosen

Dreamer by destiny. Join forces with your fairy tale Heroes and embark on a thrilling journey in this open-world fairy tale realm!

Join the fairy tale world now and get a head start with 1001 draws, setting off on an epic adventure to easily defeat the Shadow Tyrant!

Dragons and Magic | An Epic Fantasy Adventure
Engage in thrilling dragon battles with over a hundred uniquely designed fairy tale Heroes in the land of Oz. Embark on a fairy tale fantasy adventure! !

Grind Free | A Lifetime of Hands-Free Leisure
Level up effortlessly with auto-play! Enjoy the convenience of the multi-line auto-play system, eliminating the hassle of being stuck at a level and fully immerse yourself in the game!

Fantastic Beginnings | Log in to Claim 1001 Draws
Log in and receive 1001 draws as a generous starting gift. Further rewards include legendary Heroes, newbie rewards, and more during the first eight days!

Deck Evolution | Rich Strategic Combinations
Experience the intricacies of stats and skill interactions, innovative play with magical Relics, and every Hero’s unique role. Adapt your formations and unleash the power of divine artifacts, making every move count!

Thrilling Battles | Bosses Await
Are you ready for some intense battles? Lead your team of Heroes and confront the evil boss, Shadow Tyrant, in heart-pounding showdowns, making the fairy tale world great again!

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YouTube: www.youtube.com/@TNDNewJourney

Tales and Dragons user reviews :

I reduced this rating to 2 stars as I am no longer able to log in. When logging in, I received a pop-up up thtoldlls me I needed an update and to return to the login screen. I click OK, the screen goes back to the login screen, I click start, and the whole cycle begins all over again. Oddly enough, this happens to coincide with the fact that after 2 weeks of playing, I chose to spend real-world cash in the game. Now my toon is a lowly VIP and I can no longer enter the game……

“I ALWAYS WONDERED WHICH IS FASTER: THE BURNING FUSE, OR THE ESCAPING COWARDS?” The dialogue in this game is beyond unbearable. It’s another generic AFK game with no rewarding aspect whatsoever. Roll rates are whatever. Character artwork is really inconsistent with the backgrounds, and characters don’t look consistent to one another. However, most of them do look good, but it’s a shame they were wasted on this soon-to-be short runned game.

Do not let the reviews mislead you! This is the best Idle RPG game I’ve played so far. The UI and Quality of Life features in this game are something you will never see in any other Idle game. Features like Speed Up, Skip, Background Play, etc are accessible for all players for free from the start. It is extremely F2P compared to other Idle Gacha games. No hero is locked behind a PayWall. My only complaint for this game would be the lack of NEW events. That’s just it.

Kinda cool …don’t like you can’t progress unless you’re a certain lvl but overall not bad…I’d say 3.8 stars

It could be a good game, but what ruins it for me the most is the overwhelming amount of stuff you need to do every day. Pretty early on you’re flooded by multiple activities you have to perform if you want to progress further. I don’t mind the fact we have multiple things to do, quite the contrary. But sometimes less is more. Or at least make it more gradual…

Need more ssr draws and higher good graphics UR characters should b immediate more resources to level up lose level cap or maybe 1 level cap not several

The designs are cute but the dialog feels forced. Got through the tutorial and tried one of the premade fights where you pick from their maxed out characters to do battle. Even at x2 speed the auto combat took 5 min to resolve and I still got my butt handed to me first fight. Somehow it looks fast but feels slow. And if long drawn out auto battles are what I have to look forward to end game no thanks.

It’s a lot of fun, however in division match I got matched with people at like 2.6 mil and I’m 3.2 yet I lose.. I don’t see how that makes any sense. If my heroes are higher level, I have better relics, gear, etc and my over power is higher, HOW AM I LOSING to someone with lower everything than me? That’s the only reason I’m only giving 3 stars. If it wasn’t for that I’d give 5 stars easily.

Very good game. It’s very well done, plenty of activities to do to raise your level. Art style is really nice. Characters definitely feel different from each other. Good amount of combo-ing different characters to take advantage of their abilities. This game does not warrant the bad reviews that it has received. Going to continue to play. Will update review if need be

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