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Irregular RecruitsConquer the Battlegrounds with a Cat Summoner, Necromancer Wizard or Magic Dwarf Warrior in this premium offline roguelike deck builder game with RPG elements.

Irregular Recruits combines deck builders with auto chess strategy, with the unique twist that your army is your life total – when your recruits die they are lost forever, and when your army is dead, so are you!

No ads, no IAPs, no internet connection required!

Roguelike gameplay, where unit death is permanent
Hire over 200 different recruits to assemble an unstoppable army
Auto-resolving combat for fast-paced tactical battles
Level up your commander to unlock special powers
Explore the Cinder Lands with unusual events, friends and enemies
Unlock 8 Commanders for your army. All with different abilities and starting recruits
Great for offline play
A true indie game made by one passionate player/developer

The game will have more features and content added over time. To influence development please join the Discord server:

Irregular Recruits user reviews :

We need cloudsaving and a way to transfer save between devices! It was fun while it lasted. The game is currently too short, you can beat everything in a day or two. Once you unlock and win with each and every commander, there is no incentive to play more runs (aside from ridiculous boring achievements). I wish there is some ascension / inferno mechanics where difficulty increasea after more playthru to keep things more challenging and give you reason to keep playing longer.

Horrible balance. There is no strategy to the heros. You’re either unstoppable, or you’re completely ruled by RNG. It’d make more sense if you could control where your minions attack, because otherwise it doesn’t matter how good your deck is. If your minions attack the wrong way, they could end up triggering a landslide of upgrades for the AI, causing an automatic loss.

Neat core mechanics for an original game. As others note, the balance is so bad–the classes range from difficult to beat the first level of a run all the way to trivial to win full runs. I still had fun and felt like I got a new experience, but I’d like to see a lot more development of the content to make it stay fun long enough to unlock all classes.

It has a lot of fun elements and is completely free, without adds. But the balancing is infuriating and the “save” feature will often not include the creatures you recently purchased, or not have saved after the last battle. So lots of potential, but it needs some work. (Unfortunately sounds like development has stopped)

Intuitive and cool combos, very good art, completely free to play and not an ad in sight. It is fun (if a bit challenging to really figure out how the game works in your first few runs), but super addictive. It could do eith a bit better tutorial/a way to go back on it (I was confused how to use abilities), but overall great experience.

It’s nice to play without being bombarded by ads, so kudos for that. Sadly the fundamental game design is flawed. You select monsters to play but if they die they’re gone. Then you choose what new monsters to recruit. It’s a good idea, but the choices you get to make are too limited. At higher level enemies get more actions than you do AND start with monsters on the field, which is a big difficulty spike that feels unfair and makes runs unsatisfying.

Frustrating at first. Like others have commented there are a lot of balance issues. The vermin and the elementals stand out as the weakest classes and units. The demon class is completely over powered at level 3 or 4 when you can revive a demon. Over all fun. Learning how to manipulate the game mechanics gives this game a steep learning curve that once figured out is very fun!

This is game almost seems like it was made by ai. The balance is so severely off that theres no point in picking some classes entirely, you can’t choose who to attack so 9 times out of 10 you auto attack a card that upgrades all the enemy cards or insta kills yours. Vermin has the worst upgrade tree I’ve ever seen. It’s got a lot of potential but drastically needs to be balanced.

This is an amazing game. The achievements are super fun and take time and strategy(and sometimes a bit of luck) to figure out. There are some bugs which can be game affecting, like units getting stuck in a half-summoned state, or a card getting stuck at a weird rotation angle when withdrawn. But even *with* those bugs, the game is clearly 5/5. Very well done. Edit: finished all achievements, finally free:D The 80 army one is super hard.

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