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[Game] Mythic Samkok

Mythic SamkokInfinite 10x Draw in Main Storyline and Daily Free 10x Draw! No need to grind, easy card drawing!


Embark on an epic journey in the heart of the Three Kingdoms, where every strategic move counts and daily rewards are beyond your wildest dreams.

Challenge your strategic prowess in intense battles! Victory lies in the clever arrangement of your warriors. Unleash your tactical genius and triumph in this Three Kingdoms adventure.

Experience the exhilarating thrill of combat like never before! Dive into the world of the Three Kingdoms and enjoy the art of fierce warfare with exciting action-packed effects.

Say goodbye to excessive grinding and boost power with faster hero upgrades! Adjust your team without losing any precious heroes and resources. All equipment and resources are inherited!

Indulge yourself in the rich storytelling and vivid world of ancient Samkok. Explore the map and encounter random quests to get treasures! Get ready for a truly immersive Three Kingdoms adventure.

Login to get superb 10x draws every day, and unlock endless rare rewards! No need for complicated gestures and fabulous rewards await.
Come, compete with all the lords, and write your legend in Mythic Samkok!


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Mythic Samkok user reviews :

Played for about 3 hours and here is what I found. Cons: The UI is abysmal, there are too many “deals” and “packs”, too many things to upgrade immediately, some poor translations, and notifications(red dots) to clear constantly. Pros: Good amount of characters and the designs are well enough, auto progress features for some of the boring stuff, and the game ran really smoothly on my old phone. Good time waster but not a good game.

It does the events when people are sleeping. If your going to do a game and release it worldwide, then you need to adjust time frames for people in other countries. I do not recommend this until they fix it because you will never get any specials till that happens. Just because the game is made in Asia, doesn’t mean you have to go off that time for everything! Just junk right now!

The special moves are cool,the story is kind of meh can get repetitive but I enjoyed it,the game is confusing though like some of the side stuff makes little sense for example your a weird pacman head eat pictures of characters no clue what the point is needs a lot of work hard to figure out what to actually do..also I’ve actually paid for some small things and it never shows up basically you would be better off throwing money in the trash..

Had to change from 4* to 2 simply because for a global release every major daily event is not set for for a time even remotely doable for majority western players making people have to set an alarm to get up at 3am to do them and you have to do them because the auctions are good and you can’t really afford to miss them for major power upgrades. Also the factions are stupid unbalanced and they’ve known for a long time and refuse to nerf or buff 2 of the 4 factions.

Overall 5 stars. it’s a good game with a lot of fun stuffs you can do as long as you have enough stamina. one thing this game needs more characters. i love it. we need more divine and legendary characters. maybe more factions will be also good. we need more lineup inventory.

It’s pretty enjoyable so far. Character designs are very well done. Most of the combat is idle although you can control your ult skills if you like. It’s colorful and the music is wonderful. All in all, it’s really good for what it is. Packs are reasonably priced if you decide to spend.

Time locked events for rewards is the worse. Need more events that aren’t time sensitive. Easier beginner missions to complete so it feels rewarding to play. Good characters and love the skip features to keep things interesting

It’s decent enough of a shared world turn-based hero collecting game. Biggest issue is every player looks exactly the same (only choice is male or female). It’s jarring to see 20+ players on screen, all of whom are identical.

The game is like many others where you gain power to advance the story. There is afk gains and of course a p2w feature exits. Now where this game shines is in the alliance events, artwork, and even music. If you like three kingdoms themed games and like or don’t mind the above style then this game is worthy of your time. I’m not getting into the alliance events because I can’t list them properly in 500 characters. They are fun though.

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