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J NotesTransform Your Note-Taking with Jnotes

Say goodbye to dull note-taking and hello to creativity and efficiency with Jnotes – the ultimate handwritten note-taking app.

Available on Android devices, Jnotes is ad-free and offers a seamless writing experience with stylus compatibility, including the Samsung S Pen and palm rejection mode.

Advanced Features for a Unique Writing Experience

With advanced features such as laser pointer recording, stickers, text recognition, hyperlinks, and PDF annotations, Jnotes provides a world of possibilities for your note-taking needs.
Stay organized with features like notes tab, in-app split screen, TODO list, and multi-page display, and customize your notes with unlimited color options, custom fonts, custom covers, and 30+ paper templates.
Enjoy a user-friendly experience with dark mode, blue light filter, and reading mode, and keep your notes secure with the note lock feature.

A Digital Notebook for All Your Needs

Jnotes is more than just a note-taking app, it’s a digital notebook for all your needs.
Use it as a digital planner, PDF annotator, or daily memo recorder with the ability to record class highlights, annotate essays, and keep track of key points from meetings.
With pen ink that has adjustable pressure and OCR technology that turns your handwritten notes into editable text, Jnotes makes it easier to keep track of your notes.

Efficient Note Management and Security

With fast note management including multi-level folders, bookmarks, and search capabilities, Jnotes helps you stay organized and on top of your notes.
Back up your notes to Google Drive or OneDrive with just a few clicks and export them as an image or PDF document for easy sharing.
At Jnotes, we respect your privacy, so no content will be stored on our servers without your explicit consent.

Start Your Day with Efficient Note-Taking

Download Jnotes now and start your day with efficient note-taking.
Sign up for a 30-day free trial.
Join us in our vision to contribute to the paperless and environmental protection of the world.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at cyndi[at]jideos.com.

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J Notes user reviews :

I fell in love with this app when I encountered it but discontinued using it. I was actually considering getting the vip subscription but 1 thing have always bugged me: I activate the “two finger tap to undo” function, and most of the time, when I place my hand to write, it detects that as a two finger tap and undoes what I have written recently. At first, it wasn’t that much of an issue, but then it happens so frequently that it became a small inconvenience. If this gets fixed, I’m buying vip

  • Hi there! We listen to all feedback and your remarks have been noted.

Unexpected limits. VIP functions disappear in between uses. If I don’t happen to have the internet available, when I log back in, no VIP functions. That’s something that shouldn’t needto log in with the internet every time I open the app. Limited writing implements. Only two devices hobbled my ability to decide which ones I want to keep this on. Recognition of links in PDFs’s hit or miss. I do appreciate the ability to take pictures directly into notes however.

  • Sorry you’re experiencing this issue. We have reported the issue to engineers to fix. Please follow us for updates.

I really love your app but I keep having a problem recently and that is if I draw a line and then I erase/undo it in the “Bird’s eye view” it is still there. It is really bothering to not be able to identify what I wrote from that view because of all the mistakes that do not want to go away.

  • Sorry to note the issue. Kindly send us an in-app email via avatar icon-Feedback option so we can identify & fix the issue . Thank you.

I’m pretty convinced that this is the only competitor for Inkredible available on android! The sticker function is incredibly useful and the customisations are great for all sorts of applications! I’d love it if there was a snap function on the auto-draw lines so that they stay linear as opposed to bezier, additionally, if there was more nodes in the bezier that would be really useful! An option to add a graphic head/tail to the lines might be a great! Finally, how do I view a jnote on PC?

  • Hi there – Thank you for your review. We’re so excited that you’re enjoying Jnotes! We listen to all feedback and your remarks have been noted. Regarding view Jnotes file on PC, you could export the file as pdf and sent it to PC.

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