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TouchnotesA simple yet powerful handwriting and mind mapping app that provides the feeling of writing on paper on your device. Say goodbye to paper notes.

This app offers a comprehensive range of features with high user customization. It includes mind mapping, flashcards, limitless note taking, PDF notes, journals, and importing office documents. It also features handwriting to text, voice recognition, and many more functions.

Note taking features:

Limitless note taking in various formats such as limitless notes, PDF notes, journals, and handwriting to text.
Import multiple file formats such as PDF, PPT, Doc, JPEG, and PNG
Insert GIFs, images, audio, and hyperlinks
Customize paper templates and cover templates
User-defined stickers that can be imported and exported at any time
Customize pen effects, thickness, and color and save them in the pen box
Draw various shapes and lines that are automatically recognized
Multi-layered operations to add, adjust, and delete various elements during creation
Zoom in to write anywhere on the page for more precision
Double open different notes in the software or double open the same note with multiple tab pages
Bookmark and hyperlink any content of the note
Export notes in image, PDF and other formats to share notes
Add a quick screenshot to the device status bar at any time and insert it into the note.

Mind mapping features:
Freely extract documents or notes as mind maps
Insert hyperlinks, documents or note contents at will
Flashcard features:
Freely extract, write, type, etc. to create accurate review flashcards
Calculate the optimal review time based on Ebbinghaus’ memory law

AI features:
Intelligent rewriting, summarization, and consulting functions
Intelligent search for handwriting content, text content, audio content, and image content
Smart translation of multiple languages, intelligent analysis of key vocabulary, and intelligent reading of translated content
OCR scanning recognition, picture to text, real-time handwriting to text, recording to text, real-time voice to text conversion into editable notes.

Cloud features:
Supports third-party WebDAV cloud drives (Dropbox, Nut Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Baidu Cloud, etc.)

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Touchnotes user reviews :

This is the absolute best note taking app on Android. I love the prem features and feel they are well worth the $8 I paid for them. The glaring problem with this app is backup and sync are awful! And that’s a really big deal! I signed up for Dropbox just for this app. It backs up just fine, but when I switch over to a different device it won’t download & sync my files. Really needs to have option for GoogleDrive and/or OneDrive. At the VERY LEAST it needs to work with the cloud services offered!

This is the best note app I have found so far. MAJOR brownie points for being able to upload my own fonts I’ve purchased! Every note taking app I’ve tried doesn’t have that option and it’s disappointing. I LOVE this app so far. You can doodle, write, add images, voice, links, you name it. You can even save your drawings as stickers. You have the ability to add your digital notebooks and planner PDF files as well. When you’re done, you can export them. Must download this app!

Fantastic app, just needs some improvements. This hands down is the best note app I’ve used on Android so far. It’s quick and packed with practical features. The split screen view works great on my Surface Duo. Pen support is great too, but it doesn’t recognize my Surface Pen’s eraser tip. There’s some translation error and the web search using Baidu, but overall this is very well done.

The app is so great with amazing features even in the free version, however there are some things that I hope devs fix and adjust: first: servers are laggy and slow. second: more control and precision for shapes. third: I’m trying to link my phone number to use the voice recording but it doesn’t work at all sadly. Other than that the app is so great

The push slide on a zoomed page gets glitchy and a bit annoying to see it almost go too far to the next page. I cant seem to find any difference between the fountain pen and regular pen, it would be awesome if it was similar to the fountain pen in snotes. Up strokes are thin down strokes are thick

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