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JamzoneMeet Jamzone, your new favorite bandmate!

Always at hand to back up your jam sessions, rehearsals, concerts, and videos of your song covers.

Learn, practice, and perform with studio-quality backing tracks of all your favorite songs. Remove any instrument or vocal track without audio loss. Sing and play along with prompted chords and lyrics. Stay on beat with the metronome. Adjust the pitch and tempo to suit your style. Loop to train. Build setlists. And more!

Jamzone is a plug & play band in a box offering an all-in-one multi-track mixer, teleprompter, and looper that will make you forget the complicated DAWs, tedious MIDI files and outdated backing track players.
Find your jam amongst our catalog of over 50.000 high-fidelity backing track covers, refreshed with 400 new songs added each month, from rock to reggae, jazz to pop, blues to rap, and all other music genres in between.

Remove any instrument and vocal tracks
Play along the chords teleprompter
Sing along the lyrics teleprompter
Play your backing tracks library offline
Stay on beat with the metronome click track
Control the backing track key
Control the backing track speed
Loop any song sections
Transpose to simplify the chords
Get a commercial license with our Pro plan

Multi-tracks mixer
Our multitrack recordings let you control the volume of each instrument. Remove the instrument you are playing and customize the volume of others to create your own backing band. Jamzone lets you create effortlessly guitar backing tracks, drums backing tracks, bass backing tracks, piano backing tracks, karaoke tracks, or any other instrument you play with just a few clicks.

Custom Key & Tempo
Adapt the key and tempo to suit your tessitura and rhythm. Always stay on beat with the metronome click track in your front speakers or in your monitors.

Chords & Lyrics teleprompter
Jamzone reinvents the songbook! The music plays in sync with the scrolling chords and lyrics, perfect for a casual jamming session, learning a song by heart, or preventing mental blocks for all musicians and singers!

One Tap Loops
Instantly loop one or many sections of your choice. Just want to practice the solo? Or rehearse that chorus lick? Easy! Turn on the loop mode with just one tap and train your skills!

Chord simplification: Smartchords
Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, the song chords adapt to your skills thanks to a simplification system that’s unlike any other app. Music theory experts joined forces with our developers to create an algorithm that transposes chords instantly to their closest simpler form (compatible with a capo on string instruments).

Jamzone user reviews :

The biggest thing I like about this app is that you can change the keys. And, it makes it super easy to play along with whatever instrument you want. They have a very large variety of songs, there are occasionally songs that they don’t have yet, but as far as I know they update the app every once in awhile to add more songs. A really great app for practicing

  • Thank you for taking the time to rate the app! Reviews are the best way to help the app grow, so we always appreciate it when our users take the time to do it! Happy jamming

This app is really great. The first few days of having this app have been just so much fun. However starting today the app is continually freezing stopping in the middle of song and I have plenty of Wi-Fi and I have plenty of space on my phone. I uninstalled and reinstalled it nothing works. It stopped on me three times in the middle of performing. It was extremely frustrating. If you can fix that bug it would be awesome. The other thing I wish you could alter the arrangement

  • Thank you for taking the time to review our app. We are terribly sorry to hear about these issues. Could you please reach out to us at hello[at]jamzone.com so we can review this and attempt to help? Thank you.

Great idea, but buggy at times (issues with downloading even with good WiFi). The interface can be frustrating, especially since there is no way to repeat individual measures (you have to do whole sections). Also, they occasionally make mistakes (don’t always have accurate transcriptions, wrong chords here and there). Instead of scrolling past chords during playback, I’d rather have a static chord chart or at least a way to zoom out to see chords for entire section and not just two measures.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with the app. We are continuously working on improving the downloading process and addressing the interface issues. We appreciate your suggestions. Happy jamming!

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