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PsychobanPsychoban brings you a deeper concept in puzzle gaming, drawing from proven classics such as Sokoban to create an unique and immersive experience!

Brain-scrambling puzzles:
Psychoban takes you through an entirely new dimension of puzzle-adventure experience, as you must make your way through actual 3D challenges. A non-stop concatenation of challenges, hilarious situations and gorgeous visuals will squeeze you out of any remnants of sanity.

Insanely seamless interface:
No virtual key-pads! An unique character control system, absolutely natural to the Android interface, allows for an easy and hands-on playability. You tell Mental Dude what you want him to do, and he does it!

Deranged settings and environments:
Make your way through five of the world´s creepiest mental asylums, and become a part of their gruesome, gore-stained history.

Mad quantities of levels
Sixty levels of concentrated challenge-packed puzzles will keep you hooked-in to the last second!

Alienating, comedy-driven story
Join the adventure of Mental Dude, his quest for freedom, survival… and a grip to reality.

Leaderboards and achievements supported via OpenFeint.

Awesome unlockeables!

Lunacy guaranteed!

NOTE: The first 6 puzzles can be played for free. The remainder of the rooms can be purchased from the game.

NOTE2: This game requires Android 2.2 or above. The game will not install on previous versions of Android.

Supported resolutions:
480 x 320
800 x 480
854 x 480
1024 x 600

Having trouble running the game? Fear not! Before writing a negative review, drop us a mail to specifying which device and Android version you use and a detailed description of the problem. We will work hard to cover as many devices as possible. Cheers!

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Psychoban user reviews :

To all you angry 8 year olds that can’t read the “About”. You need an older 2.2 android or above to play, meaning it will not able to run and support previous devices from last year. These devs are working their hardest to fix everyone’s issue and this negativity is awfully way too much over a 9 year old game, that doesn’t even function anymore. Please bare with them!

Loved it. Good I have old device to play this on.

The game is not responding on my phone

Good idea, but poor execution. I can’t click on the boxes very well, and the undo button didn’t work (the button went from red to grey). The few puzzles available were too easy. After the fifth level I got a black screen with a small back arrow (I’m assuming it was the what’s in the full version screen because it looks the same). Uninstalling.

I can’t upgrade to the full version without giving google my card information? Guess that sucks for both of us. It’s really challenging and fun, so if you make the full version its own app so I can bill it to the account like usual, I’ll probably get it. Not like this though. Also, one glitch, most times when I hit undo the guy would stare at the box and then I’d have to reset the room because nothing would move anymore.

Blank screen after level 6. Looks like this problem’s been around for a year or two! No automated way to get refund on DLC purchase of full version?, so I hope this isn’t as abandoned as it looks.

The game has problems with selecting boxes. I will keep tapping and tapping on a box and nothing happens, which is especially bad because it’s timed. Also, none of the free levels are at all challenging, which makes me think the full version won’t be either.

Not only are the controls poor, but this does not compare to falling Fred, super falling Fred or running Fred. I suggest deleting it instead of having it run under your name. The other games are fantastic. Possibly update to improve selection of squares and boxes?

Controld are really bad guys…grafix are nice but I’d suggest you make it smaller and do something about the controls I took 2 stars 1 for bad control and the second one for three extra huge grafix…I’m so sorry I’m uninstalling tyre game

Good, however the controls aren’t very responsive and the in-game purchase wont accept my default payment method. Update: Sadly not compatable with my tablet apparently as it won’t let me install it.

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