Jewel World Museum – Save the magic before it is gone forever

[Game] Jewel World Museum

Jewel World MuseumVarious rewards from coins to items are waiting for you! Play Now!
Collect stars and get rewards!
Don’t miss a chance to get double rewards!

A newly recruited night security guard at the Jewel World Museum discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to life and wreak havoc.

Move the jewels and set those in the same shape.
Over hundreds of Match-3 puzzle stages to play!
Feel the magnificent graphic.
Save the magic before it is gone forever.
Every magical power is yours!
Prepare yourselves for the ultimate test!

If in-game does not save, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted.
The data is also initialized when the device is replaced.
It’s a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.
Front, banner, and visual advertising.

Customer Service: enp_cs[at]

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Jewel World Museum user reviews :

Standard format for Jewel program. Good graphics and fast responses add to the fun and enjoyment. I’m 76 years and it keeps me up working my brain. Love it!! Two years had made a big difference in this games performance. It is crisp, clear and well animated. Improved graphics, the avatars standout and are different enough to add enjoyment to the overall game. Love the levels and rewards. Great job!!!

  • Greetings, thank you for playing Jewel World Museum! We will keep working hard for more enjoyable games. Best Regards.

Reccomend this game to others? Hell yeah! Its a FUN game, play for hours without realizing it. Love the little martian looking guys. Like how each level gets just a bit more difficult, doesnt stay the same for 8-10 levels. Also LOVE that you can skip the tutorials as you go. Only down i have is the ads between every level. I know you have to have sponsors, but every level, really.

It’s fun, the jewels are sparkly and make a lot of cascades by hitting other.jewels as they fall. There are hardly any ads, which is great. Unfortunately, when I watch an ad to get extra moves, 99% of the time it just locks up. I have to exit and restart the game and I don’t get my extra moves. Plus, I’m only up to level 337 and I can’t pass it. There is just no way to pass it without extra moves. If I have to play a level more than 5 times to pass it, then it’s not fun anymore. I quit.

  • Greetings, thank you for playing Jewel World Museum! We apologize for the inconvenience of playing the game. If you give us the details through the customer center, we will process them as soon as possible. Best Regards.

If you are looking for a game that only takes a little bit of concentration but has no pressure and no story to follow, it’s this one! I paid the $3 to go no ads because the do come after every round once you are a few round in, but it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized there was literally no story and nothing to buy with your coins! All it is, is a match 3 game, no upgrades, no sorry line, no timers, only limited moves each round but unlimited times to try again.

This is based on my short time playing. (25) levels Ad bar at top of screen always. There were no ads for the first 10. After l.10 ads are every other l. But less than 10sec. if you skip. Beware, at the end of each level there is always an ad in the middle of the page, so don’t accidentally click in that area. There is a button to click after every finished level to get 10 free coins without seeing an ad. 3 stars are earned each level and are added up until you can open a chest of power ups.

It’s a very enjoyable game. The graphics are very nice and the game play is smooth. The ads are within reasonable limits. There are a couple of glitches. 1. Some of the ads just show a black screen for several seconds before the ad starts. 2. Sometimes it automatically takes you to Google Playstore. Suggestion: A nice thing to add would be side missions and boss levels. You’re in a museum. There should be plenty of things to use for side missions and boss levels.

  • Greetings, thank you for playing Jewel World Museum! We will keep working hard for more enjoyable games. Best Regards.

Been playing now for a few months. I LOVE this game. The jewels are brightly colored giving the game some pezas, I don’t find the little bit of ads a bothersome. Mostly I love the fact that I can pass a level with less than a 3 star. My OCD prevents me from doing so if I can see the star ranking from the previous level. Because of this I never seem to advance, need to earn 3 stars to move to next level. This game takes the visual out of the formula and I can just play and relax. Thanks much

  • Greetings, thank you for playing Jewel World Museum! We will keep working hard for more enjoyable games. Best Regards.

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