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[Game] Jewels Westland

Jewels WestlandWelcome to the Jewel match-3 Puzzle Adventure!

Find the Legendary Jewel and solving puzzle along the way!

Joana is an adventurer who is looking for a mysterious treasures. She heard a rumor that legendary jewels are hidden in the western canyon.

Join Joana’s journey to explore the western canyon!

Explore the cave with a Indian boy you met on the journey. Legendary jewels and mysterious ancient relics are waiting!

EASY to play match 3 puzzle, it is FUN to master!
Match 3 jewels to collect or crush them!
Create exciting Power-Up jewels. It becomes explosive!
Make combos in jewel match. You can get more score!
Use items wisely to pass the challenging levels easy.
Try to achieve 3 stars at all levels!
Accomplish tons of achievements!
Check out your rank and your friends.
Play fun & challenging levels everyday!
Earn a daily bonus in the treasure box!
No need Lives! Challenge difficult levels all the way through!
No time limit! Play with all the time you’ve got!
Compatible in all tablet devices.
16 languages are available.

We always welcome your feedback. Come and join for fun!

This game contains advertising, including banner, and video ads.
This game sells in-app products (Boosters and AD-FREE item).
This game requires some permissions to optimize the game and integrate some services to enhance your game experience.
Eg) Network access and view connections, Receive data from internet, Storage, Photos/Media/Files, Prevent sleeping, Vibration control, Etc.

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Customer Center E-Mail : help[at]

Jewels Westland user reviews :

Don’t like that you have to match boosters with game pieces of the same color. Game pieces are big, so it’s hard to make boosters and manuever around the screen. Daily mission is only a lot of one thing to collect, but I prefer multiple missions that all can be collected as you do play. Only get 8 coins per day and when you accomplish a goal, which is not enough considering you have to use a lot of boosters because it’s virtually impossible to make boosters on the play screen.

  • Thanks for your feedback! We deeply respect your advice, and we will try to combine your feedback with our R&D, in order to provide better products.

Holy smokes! What a game?!! Well thought out. Graphics great. Gameplay is right on point. A 5 second ad every other level. Very non-intrusive. You have to play it to know what I’m talking about…

Simply a basic, non-competitive match 3 game. Not extremely complicated. but has nice in play variations in levels which keeps it interesting & relaxing to play. There’s, no side games but still an entertaining enough game on it’s own. With great, graphics, effects, EXCELLENT REWARDS & BONUSES. Smooth playing No apparent glitches. My only BOOO 2 the game is the dev’s greed bank that steals the coins I ALREADY WON USING PLAYING SKILL & trys to sell’em back 2 me. StilI I manage2 play4 free so

  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you to give us 5 stars , just let us know at help[at]! Have a wonderful day!

having finished all the levels to date, this is a solid match 3 game. challenging levels as you go up, interesting puzzle configurations. buy the ad free.

Uninstalled. Jewels unresponsive; had to keep repeating movements bc they didn’t take, didn’t like jumping cowgirl, didn’t like having to constantly skip through examples. Boeing. Not worth cost to play through hassles.

  • Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of the updates. I hope you can enjoy our app again in the future. ” Crashing or lagging problems are closely related to devices. Please share a detailed description of the issue, screenshots, phone model and OS version so that we can help you fix it. help[at]”

Different colors and fast pace make the best games!!! Good job!!!

Moves quickly & very entertaining. Helps focus & keeps mental stress in check.

What a delightful game. The icons are large and easy to read and the pace is perfect for a Mid Century Modern girl like myself!

This is the greatest game that I have played so far. I love to destroy jewels and find things. The cards threw me off. But this is the Old West and they played cards. So Lets have fun.

Very basic. unbalanced money system (tiny pay for expensive buy packs) at level 7, 42 coins. It’s still exceptable time waster for short period

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department. Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the game better. Please email us more specific suggestions at help[at]

Must play same game over and over. Not challenging.

  • Dear User, thanks for your support. Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience please don’t hesitate to share them with us. and, If you like us, please encourage us with 5 star

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