Fairy Match – Take part in a wonderful s​tory

[Game] Fairy Match – Puzzle and Magic

Fairy MatchWelcome to Fairy Mansion!

Complete exciting match-3​ levels, ​restore​ a beautiful mansion​ and save famous ​fairytale​ characters: The Little Red Riding Hood​, ​Puss in Boots,​ ​Cinderella​, ​Snow White,​ The ​Little Mermaid,​ ​Rapunzel,​ ​Prince Charming,​ Scarecrow​, The ​Tin Woodman​ and many others. It’s time to begin a new adventure​!

Create your individual ​room design,​ choose the best furniture and transform the ​hotel​ into a majestic place. Take part in a wonderful s​tory​ of the magnificent castle​. Crack ​match 3 puzzles​, gather fairytale characters and find out how their story ends in real life!

Game features:

Remarkable and exciting gameplay: match 3​ gems, draw magic symbols and help The Puss in Boots to rebuild the ​hotel.​
Variety of simple and challenging levels with special bonus awards: blast your cannon and blow up the ground!
Fairy house and abandoned garden, riddles and secrets! Magic characters will share mystic tales from their childhood.
Fairytale characters who got into the real world have lost their magic power. Find out the details and help them to return it.
You write your own fairytale. Magic book is getting filled with new pages as you restore the castle.
Advanced graphics, impressive animations, and fascinating scenes – this game is a perfect choice for magic fans.

Complete your mission, ​decorate a​ new fairy house of wonders. Renovate​ and ​build​ a throne room, kitchen, playroom for kids, dance hall and other parts of the house, make it cozy and welcoming again. Start a new story with a breathtaking narrative and unexpected turning points!

Fairy Match user reviews :

I really want to play more of this game because it has superb visuals, but it only has 200 levels and there hasn’t been an update in ages. When I was a narrative designer we worked in weekly sprints but for some reason this company isn’t putting the same kind of energy or investment into this game. The English translation is poor too.

It would be A LOT more helpful to pass the levels if there were ANY kind of way to somehow get boosters w out having to pay for them! It’s almost impossible to pass some of these levels I’m comin up on bc I have NO boosters AT ALL; a lot of games have ads u can watch; or a spin wheel to win prizes etc; a lot of times after being away from the game for a while, games just GIVE u boosters for coming back! It’d really annoying when u get stuck on a level; it makes me just want to delete it!

I am not too pleased! I downloaded the game thinking it would be cute and fun!! I got through the story part okay but when it goes into the game itself the game freezes while a little blue light/orb or whatever it is flies around! Than it freezes my cell so badly I can’t get out of the game. Please fix these bug issues thanks!!

  • Hello! Sorry to hear about that. Please try restarting your device prior to launching our game. This may help with the freezes while our development team works on a fix

The story line behind this app is entertaining and interesting. Tasks, puzzles and games are simple enough to be challenging but not over the top hard. The ads aren’t too bad but still annoying as usual. The main reason I quit playing was because of the trivial amount of redundant tasks requiring a “token” to perform. You know play match game, get star or whatever and then a task a star or two. This one wanted a token for mundane stuff like talk to Joe, token to end day or new chptr. SMH

Adorable art and character design. I like the challenge of the boosters, as they are a little bit different than your regular match 3 game. Nice to see a wholesome and positive storyline too.

  • Hi! Thank you for the lovely review. We’re here to make you feel warm and cozy when playing our games

I LOVE THIS!! I absolutely adore how unlike other Homescapes copies, this game has a DIFFERENT house entry, but my favorite aspect of this game is definitely the graphics and the attention to detail, and honestly seeing all the effort that went into this i have to say congratulations to the creators this is AMAZING!

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