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Jurassic DinosaurWelcome to Jurassic Dinosaur, the dino park management game where you can build and expand your very own prehistoric paradise!

Create a Jurassic playground for your visitors by unlocking and nurturing a wide range of realistic and awe-inspiring dinosaurs. From the mighty T-Rex to the gentle Brachiosaurus, these prehistoric beasts require your utmost care and attention to ensure they are well-fed, healthy, and happy.

But it’s not just about the dinosaurs – you must also design and construct your park to attract visitors and generate revenue. Build roads, amenities, and attractions, and use your earnings to expand and enhance your park. Strategically place amenities to keep visitors happy, and monitor the health and happiness of your dinosaurs to ensure their well-being.

As the park owner, it’s up to you to make strategic decisions that will impact the success of your park. Use research to unlock new dinosaur species and features, and stay ahead of the game by managing natural disasters and dinosaur diseases that will test your management skills and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

With endless hours of entertainment, Jurassic Dinosaur is a thrilling mobile game that offers something for everyone, from dinosaur enthusiasts to park management fans. Download now and start your own prehistoric adventure today!

Jurassic Dinosaur user reviews :

Its well made and easy to work with. Simple but appealing graphics so it runs very smoothly. I personally wish the dinos were more accurate but thats just me. I did encounter an issue where the music would stop after an ad or upgrade, but other than that its pretty good! Can’t wait to see future updates.

  • Hello NPC, We have released a new version of the game. We would request you to please update the app to the latest version and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue persist, please send all the details at android-jurassicdinosaur[at]sparklingsociety.net

I love this game. U guys can bring out more similar ones like this. Ive tried many games and this one takes first place. Its easy and child friendly. U can raise money and stuff easily .. Coins are not that hard to get. Its not a big game so u dont need a expensive phone to play it and its a ofline data free game exept for the small ads to speed up things and so on. But its still cool and nice to play. There is events aswel that makes it fun with booster. Love it, aswel as the zoo park.

  • Hi Zelmarie, We are glad to know that you feel this way. If you are facing any issue in the game, then please send an email to us at android-jurassicdinosaur[at]sparklingsociety.net

Great time killer. Very detailed, good graphics. Still a little buggy. Example: if you’re building roads, and you lay too many blocks at a time, the game crashes. But that will be fixed in updates, so no biggie.

  • Hello Matthew, We have released a new version of the game. We would request you to please update the app to the latest version and check if it resolves the issue. If the issue persist, please send all the details at android-jurassicdinosaur[at]sparklingsociety.net

This game is better version of jurassic park builder if u played that u will adore this little different type of play and graphics are good for most part hope alot more to come with this game I hated when jurassic park builder basically was just deleted put a few yrs and $$ Into the game but this game is fun

Very good. Not pay to win. No adds unless you wanna watch them for extra items. Pretty good to be honest.

  • Hi Fire, We are glad to know that you like our game. We wish you keep playing and enjoying our game. If you have any issues regarding the game, send us an email at android-jurassicdinosaur[at]sparklingsociety.net

It is a good game at first it looks like what trash i had download but when you reach your level ten it starts to look nice it ia very well worth for all of you play it once it is a very good one

1. Thanks For the Offline Play Dev 2. Add more interaction animation of people like buy something in food stand or interaction with dino or dino eat food animation 3. Add mini game event, that repair cage or missing dino from cage 4. Add human character that have passive skill or active skill like make love XP more (this caharter can we get from buy or gacha in pack) 5. Add side effect for the environment like night, morning, rain, or strom Thank dev, hope u read this

  • Hi RovanGC, Thank you for your feedback. We have considered it as a feedback. We have forwarded it to our product team and they will surely think about it. For more suggestion, contact us at android-jurassicdinosaur[at]sparklingsociety.net

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