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Otouto ScrambleYour plate is full as a freshman, but when your mother remarries it rocks your world. What happens when three sons from the Osaka family fall head-over-heels for you? Will you be able to fill your role as a big sister, or will you be swept away by love?


Meet Itsuki — Eldest Brother of the Osaka Family

Itsuki is kindhearted, loves kids, and aspires to become a pediatrician. Although leadership isn’t his strongest suit, he easily influences others with generosity and strives to accomplish his goals. Will he be able to focus on passing his university exams while chasing his dream girl?

Meet Akane — Second Oldest Brother of the Osaka Family

Akane is rambunctious and fiery, showing you little patience. But gradually you realize behind his intense facade lies a phenomenal caretaker. He cherishes his brothers despite their childishness and slowly opens up to you over time. Can you tame this rebel’s heart and steer him down the right path?

Meet Izumi — Third Oldest Brother of the Osaka Family

Izumi is the calm and mature one in the family, mainly staying in his own lane, but he’s stopped going to school entirely. Bullying has made him a loner, but he still looks up to Itsuki, hoping to be strong like him one day. Will you encourage him to attend school and overcome his fear of being bullied?

Otouto Scramble user reviews :

It was pretty fun. I did enjoy the remake more than the original. I think it’s a good one. I find the main character a little annoying at times but it fits for her character. The story wasn’t exactly interesting and I do regret spending money on the gems. Overall it was a little predictable and the main girl really gave me a headache at times. I really liked the art for it though. The character designs fit the characters well.

The game has better translation but worse than the old version in everything else. The UI looks lazy and horrible, the story is completely rewritten, and becomes more friendly to western audience i guess but the characters act in such unnatural ways and make me cringe. I miss the old version.

The story is cute and the graphics are cute as well. The main problem is the gems.. you need to pay for every “special” decision 20+ gems and that’s a lot, and it resulting in paying with actual money for more gems that get used quickly. It could’ve been much better if you paid 5± gems per special decision so I won’t feel like I’m wasting too much money into the game. But again, cute story.

I really like the game it has an amazing art and a wholesome story but at the same time I kinda hate the thing that we have to purchase some thing before choosing the other option but there is only 2 choices so I ended up choosing the other one for us minors who didn’t have any salary you should just add a feature like watching adds and earn 30 points like that we aren’t skipping adds and watch it patiently for the sake of supporting too so please consider this as a development.

It’s alright and cute. I wish it was the old version, which I felt had (several) more engaging story(s). Also, I liked how you were able to select each boy and learn a bit about them (in the old one). Like, how old is Hiki? Because I thought he was super young, and I find it weird that he is now “chasing” girls and isn’t the cute little brother that I get to bond with.

To be honest, this game was really fun! But the problem is, the gems.. Its really hard to get them when I want to pick the premium choices, and its really expensive, so is there anyway I could get it naturally? But overall, it is a nice game and has a nice storyline!

Compelling story, interesting characters, stunning art… all you need for a good harem game! Loads of fun, kept me entertained all throughout December. My only nitpick is the whole purchasing of ingame currencies although, that is expected and understandable. Considering the fact developers also have to eat and pay rent every so often. The ruby choices aren’t too infuriating… the story still goes on which is what truly matters. Also they’re all so hot.

Honestly i played it coz of the nostalgia (it was one of my first otome games) and again am pleasantly surprised with how refreshing yet familiar it all felt. The character are all loving and sweet ( ok the start with a few of them was kinda rough but it gets better) , the parent-child relationship is adorable and the story is engaging. Sincerely I love it. Tho i think it would have been fun to add the illustrations of the former game

First of all, the characters exactly looked like characters from Fruits Basket and I loved that. The game is fun. The only part I didn’t like is getting gems is so difficult. You can’t buy it again and again for making choices. Other than that, it’s a cute game.

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