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[Game] King of the West

King of the WestThe most fascinating Wild West strategy game!

An open-ended world with unique Wild West gameplay!

Challenge real players from around the world!

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King of the West is a Wild West-themed MMO strategy game. You play as a brave lone ranger trying to establish a town of your own, defeat varmints, put together a posse, hire Heroes, rescue people in need, and fight bandits. Enjoy a classic Wild West world and exciting gameplay, and clean up these one-horse towns.

Game Specialties

Develop the Town, Gather Resources
Develop and expand a classic Wild West town, with abundant resources for you to exploit. Allocate them wisely for gathering and construction, and experience the joy of building up a town from scratch.

Exquisite Art, Cowboy-Style
Ride across the plains of the Wild West, tour mountain ranges, and work large pastures. Investigate your hometown, experience life in a Saloon, view realistic buildings, and enjoy a vintage style that brings you back to when cowboys roamed the land.

Give Orders, Plan Strategies
Lead talented Heroes and experience exhilarating battles. Challenge enemies in the wilderness, and send your troops to battle real players. Test your wits, strategy, and combat prowess. Taste victory and revel in your achievements!

Open-Ended World, Exciting Gameplay
Occupy enemy towns, challenge others in the Arena, search for treasure, go on thrilling hunts, relax while you fish, gamble with high stakes… There are loads of ways to get an exciting experience in the Wild West!

King of the West user reviews :

I eagerly anticipated this game. However, after multiple redownloads, resets, and over 1 hour waiting, the game never progressed past 50% of initialization on the loading screen. I dont know what the issue was, and honestly, I no longer care. It is a shame, it had a fairy unique setting that I really wanted to play in.

  • Hi there! The King of the West team is always ready to assist players in need. You can email us at[at] Thank you!

Game could be good, but too many bugs needing daily updates and maintenance, troops stuck in battles and marching queues and been lost for over 3 weeks now, so no access to characters to improve them and equipment, this in turn means you can’t update your own strength in game and can’t progress through the game as characters are locked out. Many ways to buy and pay and not play. Edited, your reply you think I’m praising game when I’m criticising it for being so buggy on release, sad, very sad.

  • Thank you for supporting King of the West and being a loyal player of our game. We value all player input and strive to provide a better gaming experience. If you have any further input or suggestions, kindly email us at[at] Have a great day!

The graphics are awesome and it could be a awesome game but,here’s the issue. They do maintenance and you constantly lose your power and resources and all upgrades. Then after that nothing gets fixed something over and over. I spent money and was told iam not receiving it back after I lost all that I purchased before the update(maintenance) ..This game is nothing but a scamming game taking advantage of people. I hope that Google Play will seriously look into what this game is about.

Game has great potential however even for a prerelease it has way to many bugs and not enough developer support. Biggest bug is commanders and troops are stuck in purgatory with no recall option. Best commanders and days of troops just lost and unable to progress without. Trouble ticket said can take up to 3 days for response. However over majority of server 1 has the issue. Server 1 season already is murdered by a reset and all the bugs. Suggest waiting until actual fixes are made .

I tried to like this…. But realistically late 90s games are Better graphics Better frame rate More engaging And is almost identical to any other kingdom building game I see nothing that sets it apart. The combat is boring and illogical even for a fantasy game … unfortunate Watching a horse run or a wheel spin is mind boggling And the main characters outfit makes him look like a mushroom head.

  • Hi there. We appreciate your feedback! The King of the West team will always welcome creative and constructive ideas to improve our game. If you have any further input or queries about our game, you can email us at[at] Thank you for your support.

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