Immortal Clash – Explore and inherit Dracula’s castle

[Game] Immortal Clash

Immortal ClashOn this land, Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters are constantly at odds, and invasions from Zombies and barbarians threaten the empire’s stability. Only the most powerful will survive!

You will explore and inherit Dracula’s castle, become a Vampire, recruit Heroes, train armies, conquer cities, and bring glory to your Faction. Climb the ranks of your Faction, from common member to Vassal, and eventually to Faction Overlord. Build a great empire with your Guilds, embark on a magnificent journey, and celebrate endless victories!

Game Features:

1. Castle Administration – Develop as a Vampire
Players will explore Dracula’s castle, learn the secrets of the Vampires, and gradually take control of the castle. Control your thirst for blood, avoid sunlight, and become a true Vampire earl!

2. Diverse Troop Types – Strategize to Win
Choose from melee, ranged, or flying troops, with a total of 12 unique subtypes. Werewolves, for example, have Frenzy Talents, whereas Vampires have Lifesteal Talents, emphasizing the differences between the races. Melee troops provide primary defense, cavalry provides mobility, ranged troops attack enemies from a distance, and flying units are excellent for ambushing enemies. The three-dimensional battlefield creates realistic combat scenarios and puts your commanding abilities to the test!

3. Form Your Own Faction – Build Your Own Empire
Players can form their own Factions by integrating Guilds, establish a country, and help shape the game world. You can survive the battle between Factions and write your own history if you rely on your own intelligence!

4. Mysterious Heroes – Diverse Experiences
Players can get mysterious Vampire and Werewolf Heroes to accompany them on their journey of collecting magical treasures. Capture powerful monsters in the wilderness, tame them to attack cities, or manage a manor and create gifts to impress various Heroes.

Immortal Clash user reviews :

This is a fun game and great graphics. The chat is not toxic. There are some serious issues though. The hospitals and cemetery do not work properly. Extreme lack of a tutorial. Need to show people how to grow heros better and where to get items to grow. Also game is laggy even with graphics set at lowest setting. The touch screen needs improvement. Everytime I send an army then scroll around the army thinks to move somewhere else. If issues are addressed I will change my rating

Everything is fun so far, good grafix, lots of good speeds and prizes for finishing tasks, I like the map, quests, guild, chat, farming and fighting. I only wish I could change the look of my avitar not just my profile pic, I’d love to be able to super customize my avitar to female and vampire, and have options for things like skin, clothes, hair give them a weapon or familiar ect… Maybe soon ?!?

There are some black screens, and missing assets. No ads or anything that I’ve noticed. But often when loading the character screen it’ll black screen, or hard lock with seizure mode. Sometimes just the menus and nothing else…. But it is a great game. Maybe when I get my new phone I’ll edit.

Love the game. Wasn’t in on the beta so still trying to figure it out. I notice it makes my note ultra REALLY hot. There’s so many items in my backpack that give me little to no indication of usage lol. But so far seems like a decent beginning. The explorer/scout is easily thrown off course if the screen lags as I’m scrolling and the races seem unnecessary lol. Not bad though.

Original game wasn’t developed by the current developers, so more than half the time, their support doesn’t know how to respond to and solve reported bugs. There are currently 3 servers with very little players. Do yourselves a favour, look elsewhere.

  • Thank you for your feedback. There’s so much to do in Immortal Clash. You can gather resources, hunt monsters, participate in various guild events, just to name a few. Many F2P players have managed to grow into formidable Lord! We hope you will give our game a shot! Thank you.

A vampire/werewolf/human rts basebuilding KOA clone, 3 stars only bc of the odd bugs you experience from loss of troop movement, bugs in fighting where the troops will stop fighting or not fight at all to having your buildings hang in upgrading.

Since the game is still in its infancy, it has a lot of potential. The characters are interesting and the graphics is on par with other build and grow type games. It has an interesting RPG component, so it is definitely has a lot going for it. However, even as I am in the start of the journey, I found the game slow and even the character growth was slow. I’m sure to check it out again later, when the game grows and the concepts of the game is ironed out

  • Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it and will always welcome creative and constructive ideas to improve our game. If you have any further input, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thank you.

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