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Kingdom Hunter HeroesKingdom Hunter Heroes is a game of a new genre that exquisitely combines a strategy simulation game (SLG) and a card trading game (TCG), providing a unique and different experience.

Players become the lord of the city, grow attractive heroes with various skills, develop the city, and experience intense strategic competition by engaging in fierce battles with enemy alliances on the real-time world map battlefield.

An Epic Journey with Attractive Hero Cards

There are more than 140 Heroes with unique skills to help you develop and fight your way through the world of Kingdom Hunter. Each Hero can also be customized to suit the need of your Kingdom, giving you the freedom to develop your Heroes the way you see fit!

Fearsome Battlefields in a Vast World Map

The huge real-time world map provides room for battlefields and strategic bases where you can find essential resources and items needed to build up your Kingdom.
Rally up with your Alliance members and engage in fierce battles against other players across the entire world!

Fierce battle with the optimal Legion Deck

In order to lead the battle to victory, the key is to configure the optimal corps deck according to the situation by combining the different skills of heroes as well as the relationship between 80 Unit types and classes.

Even with the same troops, the outcome of the battle will be significantly different depending on how they are arranged and organized. Experience the thrill of a brain fight in a fierce battle that no one can predict.

Internal Affairs is the Cornerstone of a Mighty Kingdom
There are more than 15 types of building to develop within your Kingdom, each with their its own purpose. As leader, it is your duty to focus your Kingdom’s efforts into Resource Production, Training Units, Research, Recruiting Heroes, and more. A Kingdom’s strength is first found in its foundations, so develop them accordingly!

Capture and persuade a hero to become my hero!

If you win a battle, you can also capture enemy heroes. Enjoy a truly unique experience of persuading an enemy hero captured in prison and recruiting him as your hero.

Heroes’ skills that add to the taste of battle
The fun of playing doubles if you can learn and utilize numerous combat skills one by one.

Magical damage to all enemies
All allies become immune and the next skill turn is reduced
Enemy attacks your side with a certain probability
Decreased attack power of all enemies
Stun enemies and deal magic damage
Absorb enemy POW

Play with your alliance members!

In order to survive and grow in constant battles, a solid alliance composition and the help of alliance members are essential. Enjoy alliance contents such as ‘Alliance Fortress’ that protects the city of alliance members and ‘Alliance Skills’ that increase the attack and defense power of alliance members.

Kingdom Hunter Heroes user reviews :

Great game so far, if you’re looking for a WAO/KOA type game that’s a little different and has a good feel with dynamic UI this is the one ! You can obviously buy packs and things but they’re not forced upon you, I think that’s great! To the developers, please don’t start forcing people to spend, spenders will always spend but forcing it upon people makes the player base salty

Good game. Really fun but there is rampant cheating. Only one server so people have multiple accounts. Which they hit to get 5 star heroes. Making people not play anymore because of cheating Are on world chat bragging about it. It has no other events. The diamonds are too high to buy things. 1000 diamonds to move?? Packages are not worth buying.

Heroes could have back stories. Ability to lock and favorite heroes would be appreciated. Game could run smoother, has to load after every action.

i really enjoyed the game but its boring when the events gone, this game need a active GM so the game must be alive its really boring when no Events, like killing event, conquer that force to player make active , a lots improvement and events please ! im hoping in this game that release the full potential of game ! make it not boring please thats all!

its ok up to now for a new release Update I hope devs are looking at this It would be handy to be able to message devs in game , cant see a way and if we could see the research center while we researching to work out what way we want to go with it Over all not that glitchy for a new game

Love the game. It has an addicting pace with so much to do! I can’t wait to unlock the dragon riders!

Helppp Everytime i try to log in it would only stuck on the word Episode 1 then it would automatically exit the app

  • You can try to restart your device and also clear the cache for the app. If that doesn’t help, please contact us at kingdomhunter[at]

it’s so beautiful, the game is so nice to play. try it guys you would regret

Not bad. I liked the original and this is more of the same

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