Kitty Kate Unicorn Daily Caring – Cook a delicious meal

[Game] Kitty Kate Unicorn Daily Caring

Kitty Kate Unicorn Daily Caring  We came up with this animal game where you get to play with an adorable little cat that is also a fabulous unicorn.

Your mission will be to groom her and also care for her. Not only that you will have fun playing the incorporated mini-game, but you will also spend a wonderful time with the unicorn kitty Kate. Start the day with a refreshing bath and make sure your pet is all washed up. Fill the bathtub and have her fur soaked in. Remove the dirt and rub her body with some soap. Rinse her and get the kitty ready for the hair salon. Here you get to change the way she looks.

Clean her hair and then you can even dye it. Pick a hairstyle that you like and put on her rainbow corn as she is a unicorn kitty. You have a chance to spend some time in the playroom where your pet will play with her toys. Take her to the sports room where you will exercises. Learn the moves and have a fun activity together. It seems like she is hungry after all this playing.

Go to the kitchen and cook a delicious meal for your kitty. Follow the instructions to get the recipe right and serve her with your fresh-baked food. Continue the day with the dressing part where you get to pick from a lovely collection of clothes. Match the unicorn kitty hairstyle with a cute dress or maybe a top with some pants. Add the proper accessories to complete her look.

Kitty Kate wants to be fashionable and stylish, so you will help her personalize her outfit with a new pair of shoes. Enjoy the time left by playing this mini-game with Kate. Match the candies that come in the billboard and gain some gold. Have the best score and keep finding the perfect matches.

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You might want to check these amazing features of the game:

Easy control of the game
Cute and unique unicorn kitty to play with
Bath her, feed her, and don’t forget about the grooming
Cool outfits to choose from
Pretty accessories and lovely styles to adopt
Learn some moves
Incorporated mix and match candy game
Pamper your pet in her daily routine
New hairstyle to customize in the hair salon

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Kitty Kate Unicorn Daily Caring user reviews :

Kitty Kate unicorn is very enjoyable game. Kids will love this game. U can bake cakes for her. Use new outfits,and many more, dancing also in it. Overall super game

I love kitty kate unicorn. I can do anything specialy farms and games .i can change hair styles. Its kinda funny like a youtuber itsfunneh . Nice game i give a shout out for the makers for it

I want to give it 2 stars because when i played this game she eats so much food,mini games are also played many times but its activity circle was not completing i tried but it didn’t full so i gave it 2 stars

I like this kitty kate unicorn game. Lovely settings and nice features. I think this is the best app for kids. Easy controls are used in this app

Kitty Kate unicorn daily caring application is very nice game and super interface and nice graphics children favorite game must try it and play it

Kitty kate unicorn daily caring super game. It was veri smooth and simple game. Impressive game.

Kitty Kate unicorn caring is a best game for children the kitty in this game very beautiful and attractive especially for kids

Very nice application. It’s time for a wonderful experience. I have such a good experience with this application

Kitty kate is a good game.i have to get a super experience in the really cute and very funny.

Kitty kate is a very good game .I have such a good experience to this game. All are join this application this is realy cute and funny

Amazing and nice game application all people and it is for all the people this is very nice to use this app and very awesome app

This is the exalnt childrens gaming application.i really like this appliction.awsome app

No words to say superb application . totally satisfied with this application.i found many application but this one was extra ordinary good performance. Must download and try this.

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