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Klisten Player  Great sound to everyone

Klisten Player is a music player made with over 10 years of experience and research and development for everyone who wants the best sound.

Klisten Player includes ActiveTune, a real-time audio measurement software that can measure space, WiseAudio to measure the sensitivity of the hearing, various DSPs to control the sound freely, and various presets to share with people all over the world. It is the most powerful sound simulation platform in the world combined with the planning power of klisten Inc

You can listen to the sound quality of famous hi-fi on my device with just a few clicks, and you can make the sound of the device you want to your taste. You can reproduce the sound of famous sound equipment from all over the world, anyone can make sound tune to my vehicle, and even my earphone can be heard with the same or better quality than the famous audio maker.

Users who are unfamiliar with professional audio equipment can achieve highly audible audio measurements and emulations with just a few clicks, and personalized sound field systems tailored to my hearing that other audio devices do not.

In order to upgrade the sound systems of the car, it is necessary to remove the existing sound equipment and to install the new system. However, there is no real way to compare how much it differs from the existing system. With the Klisten Player, you can immediately hear how much better the sound changes. It is possible to listen to most reliable sound quality through rating of around the world rather than opinions of individual or audio maker.

All audio devices, smartphones, bluetooth receivers, preamplifiers, and power amplifier speakers, have their own frequency response characteristics, depending on what smartphone they have and what amplifier and speaker are connected. For example, even if you purchase audio from company B, the sound will be different depending on which smartphone you are connected to. The listening position and the hearing characteristics are not considered, so everyone will hear the same audio with different sound.

Klisten Inc. tries to solve this old problem in a way that is most reliable and trustable and acceptable to everyone. With new measurement software, you can calibrate your system and make it sound so that everyone can hear the same thing at the same condition, listen to it and evaluate it to hear the most complete sound at no cost.

Klisten Player is the best practice tools for anyone want to be a sound or recording engineer. Music recording industries can easily make sample recording or mastering and send preset with it to musician

In addition, many people want to experience the sounds of various audio devices in the world and make sounds that they want, so that they understand how great audio equipment is made and how good music is made. And that many people understand the dedication of music and dedication of the audio industry and hope that more people will buy good sound equipment to further develop the audio industry.

Klisten Inc
Seoul, Korea

Klisten Player user reviews :

Excellent. Good performance. Dsp work perfect. I am feeding in 5.1 850 watts RMS amplifier. Amazing work. Sub woofer sound clear & power full bass. Thanks Klisten Player & Play Store.

I think it works well for a dual-channel system, but it does not work well for car audio systems, which have at least 4 channel.

some audio file format wont supported. and sometime player stoped unfortunetly at play time. and player stopped of i try to add a song in a playlist.

Great app with DAC sound quality and tune adjustments! Low bitrate mp3s sound like FLAC . Best for hi-fi bluetooth speakers. I personally use Bose soundlink mini, the sound is great!

Apps been great till here recently when trying to add songs to create a playsist the app as a whole closes and I still have an empty playlist. I just want to create a playlist to listen to!!
  • Klisten Inc
  • Sorry for inconvenience we wil see what we can do!

best music player/ equalizer/ customizer i have used or seen on play store! ” just cause there it says 50k downloads doesn’t mean the app sucks its a REALLY GOOD APP”

Sound is very good but U need to create a account to access features like different presets it has earphone model preset which you can download presets for your model of headphone but one problem I have noticed it very slow at updating music

Only reason im deducting a star is because its a little hard to understand setup for sound. That being said….its not impossible and when u do get ur settings locked in there is no other music player that can touch the sound quality of this one!! I waited WAY too long to get it!! Thank you KlistenPlayer for this quality of sound on a cellular device because its truly unheard of!!

Highly recommended player. Very good sound quality can be achieved as per personal liking. There are many bugs though like you can’t play music file directly from file manager. Playlist support is limited to adding single files. No context menu for files etc. Also player doesn’t support all codecs. I like to store my music in Opus format which is the best compression format for audio files sadly this player doesn’t support Opus. This is unique player & has great potential to rule them all.

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