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Neutralizer  Neutralizer is an equalizer made for sound restoration in mind, contrary to many other products that offer ready made profiles for sound distortion.

Everybody is different and everybody’s hearing is different. You have to test your hearing on devices that take active part in sound reproduction in order to be sure that any adjustments you make will work for you. We offer simple to use interface that needs very little explanations. It is self explanatory. And it is elegant.

Why Neutralizer?

If you would like to improve your listening experience on a mobile device, you would mostly come into conclusion that you need a better hardware. Although in most situations it might be true you don’t always know why.
This is because of so many parameters you have to take into account like: the digital to analog conversion, the signal frequency range, the amplification path, the speakers (or headphones) frequency response, the psychoacoustics and so on. You can measure each of the parameters, but to measure them all you only have one device—your ears.

One way to improve your hearing ability is to use sound enhancers like equalizers. Most of them distort sound quality but if you use it wisely, you can minimize the deficiencies of your acoustic tract. The key word here is “wisely”.
In order to do it wisely you have to make some tests to discover the problem.
And that’s what Neutralizer does. It tests your hearing ability in key frequency ranges and adapts the system equalizer to take it into account. As simple as that.

Current limitations: the sad fact is that Neutralizer will not work for everybody. There are mobile devices not compatible with our solution that don’t allow third party apps to control system equalizer. We are working towards a solution to satisfy everybody, but for the time being your mileage may vary. It is, what it is. Please don’t give us bad rating because of this. We told you so.

Neutralizer user reviews :

This app is really insane even if doesn’t have too many options and only one profile, is very important and useful only for audiophiles who wants the music to be loud, clear&clean and maximum quality, frequency balance and full potential of your device with ViPER4Android FX too. Thank you dev for this app. Please make an update to allow users to use maximum two profiles instead of one because smartphones uses phone’s speaker and headphones (wireless or wired). A bug fix is to keep notification.

Amazing app. Got my overly bass-heavy headphones, that despite this have great sound quality, to sound absolutely perfect! My phone’s default equalizer was unable to pull this off. Just an awesome app. I recommend ignoring the app’s reccomendation on how to fine-tune it and to instead just change the settings to what sounds best to you.

Out of all the equalizer apps that I used. This is the one that actually works. It helps me hear the high frequences and lessen the crazy bass in my bluetooth earphones. Plus, this app runs in background so I don’t have to open this app from time to time. Definitely will recommend this to everyone who’s looking for a very accurate equalizer that works.

I dig the app. Helps with music quality tremendously. Only suggestion, with the premium version, to be able to re-arrange the multiple sound profile options would be great. Also, it seems to auto swith back to whatever the top option is every time that I open the app. Other than these two things I love the app.

Feels like it brings quality down from the regular audio quality of just my phone with no help from any EQ, but i do notice a difference subtly and maybe thats right for other people.

Good app, lives up to it’s claims Provides an impressively flat soundstage Just that I don’t know if I like this flat sound more, but it’s definitely working in the right direction. Interested to see the implications on battery life..

Very good approach, keep it simple and reduce it to the needs. What’s your need? To hear as good as you can do it, and not based on the thinking of your earphone product vendor. I tried it and I like it. Thanks

Interesting and useful. Really helpful across different platforms (plugs v speakers v car audio). It balances frequencies subtly but effectively, clarifying the sound on every track.

Finally! a Sound Control that caters for your unique Ear! Bldy Genius! One question tho.. Is the Sound Processing going to Spill over to when i Record audio.. that’s Asking will this Influence how my Recordings Sound? [As suppose to Not having it Run in the Background]

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