Knights Fight 2 – Start your way to glory and fame

[Game] Knights Fight 2 – New Blood

Knights Fight 2IT’S MEDIEVAL NOW!

Welcome to Shorland, a medieval kingdom where the strongest warriors competing on the battleground. Start your way to glory and fame! Fight for honor, for wealth and for your life! No mercy to your enemies!
Take part in sword fighting duels against other players! Join Battle Seasons and reach the highest rank! Serve honestly to the King and become his first knight in story mode!

Choose your equipment before you step on the battle arena
Unlock, collect and upgrade tons of different weapons and armor
Learn special attacks and tricks and set up your unique fighting style

Try your skills in a bloody multiplayer action
Cross your sword with other players in a fiercest duels
Take part in weekly Battle Seasons with great prizes

Journey through a storyline in classic medieval kingdom
Fight against powerful lords, villains,robbers, murders and thieves
Protect citizen and become the first knight of the kingdom
Fight for your King!

Fight vs other players in asynchronous multiplayer duels
Take part in weekly PvP Battle Seasons with amazing prizes
Prove your honor to the king in story mode challenges
Complete daily tasks to earn rewards
Customize your knight with tons of armor and weapon
Discover new skills and special attacks
Crush your enemies with spectacular hits
Become the best of the best warrior in leaderboards
Collect the treasures of King’s Arthur

Customize your throne hall
Choose or create your coat of arms
Rule your lands

Amazing 3D graphics and visual effects!
Realistic animations immerse you in medieval swordfighting combat like never before!
Various stunning locations and battlegrounds!

Download Knights Fight: New Blood right now for free and don’t miss the chance to show your valor in combat.

Welcome to the epic knights age! Be ready to step on the dangerous path to glory and wealth. Battle your way to the champions throne through thousands of enemies in singleplayer & multiplayer modes in this new free 3D game and become the legend of the knights!
Invite your friends and fight against them in online arena duels – settle arguments with them once and for all.
Forget about building castles, war games, racing and fantasy MMO. Here is the true hardcore fighting action in 3D. If you are looking for realistic medieval combat, this free game is for you. It features multiplayer pvp tournaments, furious knight duels for bets, deadly pve challenges and ruthless battles on the arena in an amazing and severe medieval ages, for free.
The Fight for the Champions’ crown has started!

Knights Fight 2 user reviews :

The game has great mechanics and good graphics but the bugs make it unbearable. The game regularly bugs when you try to play an event and it glitches, not only do you not get to play the event, it takes away your ticket. Another time, I’d move the joystick to block and it doesn’t move even when I’m not stunned. These aren’t isolated occurences either, this happens everytime I play the game. Good game, terrible bugs.

This game is very fun! Like most free games, it is easier if you pay, but through battle pass unlocks and playing the game you can get armour and swords that are almost just as good. The game is very fast paced and entertaining, and the customization via armour is also great. Edit: I’ve recently lost all of my progress. Thankfully I did not spend any money, but this seems to be a large issue. I suggest waiting to download this game until they fix this.

This game is amazing. I’ve been able to progress past level 20 in a few days, unlocking the castle as well. I get put against opponents that have much stronger gear than me, but understand the combat well enough to win some fights. Spend earned gold on extra treasure hunt! Only real problem I have is with buttons feeling non responsive sometimes. Would be nice to have armor presets? Excited to play more!

Love this game! One thing that has become annoying though is after many recent victories online, I have started getting matched up with players that are not only a higher level, but their power rating is almost twice mine. So while it takes me about 10 or more hits to knock them out, it takes them only 3 or 4. I appreciate a good challenge, but it seriously puts me at a disadvantage.

Game is a lot of fun but it’s lagging like hell. Although it improved after i reinstalled the game. So i guess you need to clear data and cache from time to time. Also it’s quite a terrible experience with controls in later levels with advanced players, because touch screen is too slow and uncomfortable for such high speed controlling. It should be better with ps4 controller, but this game is not compatible with it.. Please make it compatible for us to enjoy full potential

Love the game, especially the sound effects, they make me feel like I’m back in the dojo. As a real life fencer (longsword) I can say the basic attacks are pretty realistic as are the blocks. In real life parrys happen alot more. I’d I had one complaint it would be the special attacks look kinda dumb. To the untrained eye spinning is cool but even in the game you can see there are a million chances to hit their back when they spin. Next time just use real combos to look cooler.

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