Battle Stick Dragon – Become ultra instinct

[Game] Battle Stick Dragon – Tournament Legend

Battle Stick Dragon   Addictive gameplay z battle,Stick Dragon: Tournament Legend trained in the skill of kill their enemies with thunder blows and stickman powerful SSJ attacks z


BattleStick Dragon: Tournament Legend has the most basic control ever! you just need to attack combo,ki powerup,dash, become ultra instinct and kill your dragon enemies with your epic skills.
Use super saiyan destructive power to fight against enemies.


3 Game Mode: Storymode, Endless mode, Tower mode
Many super saiyan and strong enemy,epic skill z diverse, spectacular.
Upgrade stick saiyan be strong
Mission system and achievements challenging
Awesome graphics, very simple control.

Enjoy Now!!!

Battle Stick Dragon user reviews :

I love it you got a lot of charectors it really Challenging you can upgrade a lot and be unstoppable but only way to upgrade you can do quest get coins and gems and upgrade or just fight there are mods that are really cool but you have to get to level 15 and more mods coming soon.

One of the great things about this app is that you can’t block forever. In other games like this you can block forever and the enemy can’t lay a hit. The gameplay in this is also smooth and easy on the eyes. All in all great game

Just add more levels you’re still more dragon Ball characters that are not in the game we don’t have ultra instinct I don’t see any of the dragon Ball super characters and you still need more level is added to the story

Developers, nice game by the way, perfect action game! Oh and by the way can you add Frieza’s forms and golden form, please? And also, can you add Cell’s forms. Pretty please?

The games lit cool graphics but why is the character base on Vegeta need to be bought with cash only it makes no sense cause most dragon Ball games have him free or bought with coins also I reach level 10 but the tower and endless isn’t unlocked

This is one of the beat dbz games I hope other people play them awsome characters and FIGHTING keep up the work please I want to see updates please… thanks for this Game I love it

This game is awesome, what’s better is that you can have companions on your side.

This game is absolutely amazing it has everything I wanted except the transformation,that would’ve been cool

Nice but it should have modes which we can turn in and become more stronger in the battle

Good game just annoying that the enemies attack so fast

So freking fun the grafics the characters and everything is so good and cool other people might give this game a 1-star rating because they are haters but this game is actually pretty lit five stars
  • WolfFight
  • OK thanks so much!!!
The game is amazing, with good gameplay despite it being a mobile game. Some suggested updates would be: -make the characters upgrade over time. (ex. Kid goku-namek goku) -add more characters -add cutscene if possible That’s all.
  • WolfFight
  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.
The graphics are good gaming are nice it’s hard it good
  • WolfFight
  • Thanks for good review!

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