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[Game] Knowledge Park – All World

Knowledge Park  Knowledge park – All world – Is a unique project, consisting of a large educational and entertaining park for children ages 1 and up, as well as preschoolers!

This game consists of over 90+ formative levels and 400+ different objects, words, and animals!
The uniqueness of this park is that your child will be able to learn the English language, the alphabet, counting, colors, shapes, and much more from an early age!
Every level is voiced by a native speaker, so that your child will learn and remember the correct pronunciations!

For the first time ever, children and infants will be able to learn through traveling across the cities of the world, and this formative game for toddlers has become more informative and educational than ever before.

The game will help your little boys and girls to:

familiarize themselves with numbers and learn to count,
learn the alphabet and new words,
learn to identify, sort and group,
learn and recall basic shapes and colors,
develop their fine motor skills,
develop their memories, critical thinking and understanding,
develop their reflexes and imaginations,
distinguish the correct rhythms and bits (beats?) to music,
learn about different music genres,

And so much more!
This is an entertaining game from the world of knowledge and adventures, that children absolutely adore!
Our games have been praised and recognized by millions of children and mothers around the world!

The game consists of three famous places on Earth. Each zone is themed and stylized based on different cities on the planet, easily recognizable through their famous features and landmarks: San Francisco, Paris, and Moscow. In every game, your children encounter a variety of fun characters: Fluffy Chick, Glamorous Kitty, Cool Panda, Clever Heron, Funny Pig, Friendly Dog, Cute Rabbit.

1. Knowledge park 1, consists of over 40 formative levels and 200 different objects and animals. Together with the fun protagonists, the children will have a blast in entertaining adventures in: Funny Factory Pizza, Candy Museum, Dino Museum, Extreme Ski Race, Magic Beach and many more, where they will draw and solve various puzzles!

2. Knowledge park 2, consists of 44 expansive levels and over 200 objects. The simple and intuitive controls provide a wonderful and easy introduction to counting, sorting, classifying objects, colors, as well as learning numbers, letters, clothing items and so much more!

3. Knowledge park 3, in this game, your children will learn all about music in the “Musical Adventures” zone, getting introduced to kids’ 5 TOP music genres – POP, HIP-HOP, ROCK, JAZZ, CLASSIC, alongside styles, clothing, and rhythm! They’ll be able to take a dip into the world of imagination in “Funny Race” and create their own cars in their own styles!

CLASSIC – Retro cars!
MODERN – Police cars, Fire trucks, Ambulances !
FUTURISTIC – Ice Cream Trucks!
FANTASY – Monster truck, Superhero cars !

And then they’ll race on 23 different race tracks, which wind through snowy mountains, on sandy beaches, through green forests, collecting rewards such as stars, paints and stickers made of letters, numbers and shapes. Start racing with your friends now!

We create games with care and attention to the needs of the youngest children, with cooperation from specialist teachers and psychologists, with progressing levels of difficulty.
Thanks to this design, children can quickly and easily immerse themselves in the games and learn the essentials without any stress or time limits.
We pride ourselves on no Ads! The kids will have fun while learning!

We’re constantly adding new, educational games to our app stores around the world, which you can find on our website:
and following our social media pages.

Start your journey of endless fun and education now !

Thank you to everyone who enjoys our games and supports us!
RMB Games

Knowledge Park user reviews :

I really liked game! Develops the child, my baby learns colors, shapes, letters and most importantly he likes.. And favourite characters have already appeared! There are a lot of tasks and educational levers in the game. It is very interesting and informative..i really like this app and i highly recommend it to everyone

I really liked game! Develops the child, my baby learns colors, shapes, letters and most importantly he likes) And favorite characters have already appeared! There are a lot of tasks and educational levers in the game). It’s very interesting and informative).

An awesome app. Such informative apps are very useful for us. I have been looking for this app for a long time.Finally I got it .. Here all the things are arranged in a very beautiful way. As a result I can easily find all the information I need. Thank you very much.

It’s really a amazing and wonderful application …very spacial for toddler games for 3 year olds….it’s very easy to use …and very helpful ala.very interesting …work very smooth…. Thanks for the provide this application

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