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[Game] Papo Town Museum

Papo Town MuseumWelcome to Papo Town Museum, where history is fun!

Purple Pink the Bunny will guide you back to different eras and history periods to visit the famous collections all over the world!

There are seven exhibition halls in Papo Town Museum, including the prehistoric creatures hall, stone age hall, ancient civilization, empire and knight, the Renaissance, the great exploration and industrial revolution exhibition hall! Each exhibition hall has collected and displayed the most classical and representative collections of that period and times.

Kids will learn easily through games. The jigsaw puzzles could help kids understand the appearance and shape of the collection in an interesting way, and the videos and vocal introductions will provide more facts and background of the collection. There is a quiz after the introduction to test if kids have listened carefully and fully comprehended, and by answering the quiz correctly, an badge is rewarded!

Let’s start the journey through time and space in the Papo Town museum with Purple Pink!

Classical and representative collections from all over the world!
Time ranges from prehistoric era to recent times!
Interactive learning of collection!
Interesting jigsaw puzzle!
Voice guidance and introduction!
Support multi-touch, and you can play with your friends!
Open exploration! No rules!
Win history badges!
Hundreds of interactive props!
Stimulate imagination and creativity!
No Wifi required, it can be played anywhere!

This version of Papo World Museum is free to download. Unlock more rooms through in-app purchase. Once complete the purchase, it will be permanently unlocked and bound with your account.
If there are any questions during the purchase and playing, feel free to contact us via

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Papo World aims to create a relaxed, harmonious and enjoyable game play environment to stimulate children’s curiosity and interest in learning.
Focused on games and supplemented by fun animated episodes, our preschool digital educational products are tailored for children.
Through experiential and immersive gameplay, kids could develop healthy living habits and arise curiosity and creativity. Discover and inspire talents of every child!

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Papo Town Museum user reviews :

It is a great game, but you can only play three games, then you have to wait more than 3 hours

This game is amazing it is so fun and also gives knowledge

  • Thanks sooooo much for your review! Stay with us, more fun is on the way! Lots of love

Great app i just visited everywhere i think i will give the game 5 stars , its cool to play

  • Thank U very much for your 5-star review!!! Please do check our other games. U can follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the YouTube channel all at Papo World to get the latest news.

I don’t like this game they waste a lot of time to load

  • We really appreciate your feedback. Our team will make adjustments and enhancements soon.

I love this I learn a lot from This

It’s such a nice game I like it I rate it 5 stars

Its so cool ilove this game pls… Download it its so fun

Yes, it’s the best app ever!!!

  • We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank U so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games. U can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the YouTube channel all at Papo World to get the latest news.

papo town make more games pls ilove your Games

Rose to the occasion I don’t know what to do you can rose have I don’t know am not going to sure that your 9th the box booty and box rose by I am going through a rough time the box booty occasion for have 5009th of a no show free

Great thanks and bye

  • Thanks for downloading our game! Your support and feedback means everything to us!

I loved the game so so so so so much

  • Thanks for downloading our game! Your support and feedback means everything to us!

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