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KosmaWelcome to Kosma, a gamified version of your life, the only lifestyle-design app you’ll ever need to become the best version of yourself. From self-growth journeys to habit coach and task manager to meditative music, it’s all here.

Nurture your “Garden of Being,” which grows as you complete habits and tasks. Along the way, we also explore the burning topics of life, like habits for a happy life, mindset of champions, and meaning of life.

When all aspects of our existence are interconnected – our goals, growth, lessons, tasks, and habits – wouldn’t it be better if there was a single app that brought all these aspects of life into a holistic experience where we could track our progress? Enters Kosma, visualizing your growth as a game where you nurture your being like a Garden.

Kosma is a journey crafted with behavioral science where you explore and develop yourself with a wide range of lessons from the brightest minds – Socrates, Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Rumi, Gibran, Carl Jung – and the best philosophical schools of thought – like Stoicism and Existentialism.

To top it off, use the built-in habit coach to practice these lessons as well as plan your tasks and life goals with Quests. It’s a lifestyle design “Swiss Knife”, a promise of maximal growth!

Anyone interested in growth and topics like:
Purpose of life, ego and identity
Physical, mental and emotional health
Managing stress and anxiety
Human motivation and thought process
Compassion, love and empathy
Building good habits and breaking bad ones
Happiness, mindfulness and awareness
Winner mindset, motivational quotes and productivity
Achieving dreams, business ideas and solving problems
Scientific frameworks, philosophy and mental models
Meditation, focus and calmness
Spirituality, enlightenment and heaven


Gamify your growth: Make self-development fun by visualizing your growth with the “Garden of Being”
Track progress: Level up your character by earning Karma, which you get for completing tasks & missions

200+ letters, 40+ habits: Build a balanced personality by setting on 3 journeys divided across 3 levels
Maximize your potential: Build relentless work ethic, cultivate compassion, and master your mind to ensure success in every pursuit

Build Rituals, not just habits: Each ritual has multiple habits you do at specific time of the day. When stacked thus, one good habit triggers the next, keeping you at your best everyday
Set alarms: Never miss a habit with custom reminders and tunes

Dream it, plan it, achieve it: Use the Quests section to plan your tasks and organize them into lists. Never lose sight of what matters, be it daily tasks or goals for relationship, profession, and more
Set repetition and reminders: Planning gets easier as we automatically create your repeating tasks and send reminders at the right time

Wide range of journals: From guided journals based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to reflecting on quotes & life events, it’s all here
Surreal experiences make journaling fun: Immersive diaries make every journaling session a memorable “Me Time”

Binaural beats: Use scientifically crafted sounds to for better sleep, relaxation, focus, or meditation
Nature’s music: Beat stress and calm the mind with sounds like rain, thunder, waves, and river

As you walk this balance of science and philosophy, a paradigm shift in perspective dawns, breaking the limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back from fulfilling your potential and being the best version of yourself. You cultivate a limitless personality – the perfect mix of a free mind, a pure heart, and a healthy body – needed to realize the great dreams that keep you ticking.

Made with love by Surreal Works.

Kosma user reviews :

This app is amazing! With all the noise and distractions in our daily lives, this app really helps to keep perspective and focus on the positive aspects. Thanks and cheers to Kirti, the developer, who has been so amazing with feedback and communication concerning questions and suggestions!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Humans like you energize us to the max, Kevin! So happy that you’re leading a fulfilling life with Kosma. And yup, I passed your message to Kirti as well He’s sending you lots of love :) We are in this together!

Wow! Kosma is an incredibly valuable app for anyone seeking personal growth and enhanced mental well-being.

  • Really appreciate your kind words, Pradeep! Makes us equally happy that you’re able to live your best life with Kosma. We are in this together

Wonderful wisdom, well composed. Also sexist, & a lot of quotes are either too obvious, religious propaganda or immoral. Besides those two negatives, this is a powerful tool to help one establish healthy habits.

  • Makes us happy so happy Elodin that we could provide you value but also I see you felt few things not up to the mark. For one, we could say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but we would like to understand your perspective. Would appreciate if you could drop our founder a mail at kirti[at]surrealworks.one. We are in this together

This app is so great and I really appreciate all the kindness and support from the Surreal Works team who kept in communication with me over a period of several days when I had questions. This is wonderful for developing and maintaining good habits with missions, quotes, soothing and energizing tracks. Instead of playing a farm or animal game, actually do things in real life and get the rewards from this encouraging app!

  • Thank you for the amazing review, Lisa! We’re grateful that you liked your experience with us. Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience that motivates you to take action in real life. We’re grateful to have you as part of our community, and we are together on this journey of growth and well-being! To the stars!

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