Last Hero – Become the last hero in this disaster

[Game] Last Hero – Roguelike Shooting

Last Hero  As the doomsday crisis erupted, zombies wandering everywhere, the government set up relief sites in different cities, calling for survivors to gather at fixed relief sites, fighting as hero, combating with zombies, seeking for the sage area.

Last Hero is a roguelike gun-shooting action game that you can play as the superhero to conquer and defense with various zombies, masters, and enemies. Can you defeat the countless zombies and uncover the truth of the doomsday crisis? Could you finally become the last hero in this disaster? It’s time to download the strategy shooting game: Last Hero and play now.

Gameplay Feature

One-Finger Operation
Easy to get started, fluently and convenient operation and gameplay.

Roguelike Gameplay Feature
Numerous combo skills, multiple zombies challenges combat on each round.

4 types of weapon to be chosen
4 distinctive guns with unique mechanics, choose and fight against the zombies!

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Last Hero user reviews :

The Biggest MISTAKE…these type of Plateform shooter games make is “Stand & shoot” physics. The fact you have to stop to shoot completely dampers the feeling of the game…. its doesnt feel Fluent a d smooth. Its automatically makes the game feel blocky….Thats why the few other games out there like “Shoot N Loot” That doesnt implement the “Stand & Shoot” method fully over exceed the limitations and have way more players tenfold then stand & shoot games like these.

So I want to start by saying I absolutely love this game. The one star rating is because I have spent money on characters and the weekly subscription. I ran into a problem where the game wouldn’t load so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. I have now lost all my progress and purchases and am back at square one. Even signed back into my Google and nothing. Can this be resolved? Please tell me this can be fixed.

The further you get in the game, the less reliable weapons are given. This is why most play store games suck. There’s no consistency except for when it comes to the creators seeking financial gain. Either charge out right for the game before we install it, instead of being cowards over your product, or create a great game for free, so you don’t have to cheat or interfere due to want of money. Another uninstall.

Great game if you can ever get it to open… I actually love the game itself. It’s very fun and rewarding, no real paywalls (as long as you don’t mind watching ads), and the power progression isn’t slow like others. My problem is having to load it over and over again to get a full crash on title screen. Sometimes you get in after 20 or so attempts, but it’s getting rediculous. Just this morning I have tried loading in 40+ times just to have it crash on home screen every time.

Solid and fun to play. The gears/equipment system takes a little getting used to, however, as I think it could be more simplified. The type of weapons could vary in damage, instead of the same across the board per tier. I do like the several daily options to watch ads to earn more rewards. The gallery feature is also a neat way to earn extra stats.
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Spent the better part of a year playing this. For an Archero clone, it’s very solid, with simple controls and is easy to navigate. That said, here is my issue: the Christmas event update. A few days after I updated, I am unable to login and am constantly met with a network issue screen. Uninstall/reinstalling seems to work UNTIL I finish the tutorial and attempt to link my account with social media (i.e., Google or Facebook), and have to start all over again. I’ve done this three times now.
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  • Hello, the connection problem has been fixed. If you have bind the account before, please login to retrieve the previous account.

Game runs well, ads are annoying but rewarded in in game. The thing that bothers me is at a certain point there are so many enemies and projectiles on screen that it is nearly impossible to move. Which means ‘ding ding ding’ you guessed it, you die. Setting aside the small maps in comparison to amount of enemies(and the fact that some can just shoot through the entire map) putting in obstacles which make the map even smaller seems counterintuitive.

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