Brink of Mayhem – Find the perfect spot to defeat the enemies

[Game] Brink of Mayhem

Brink of Mayhem  Brink of Mayhem is an action-packed realtime multiplayer shooter with a unique control mechanic designed exclusively for mobile.

Use the HOOK to swing from place to another, find the perfect spot to defeat the enemies and act as teams in multiple game modes to win!

This is an early-access game where features are added with frequent updates, and the game is shaped based on your feedback, so we’re really looking forward to reading your reviews and chatting with you on our Discord server:

Here’s some of the things we plan to add later:
– New game modes, such as Free For All, Last Man Standing, etc.
– Ability to form a party with your friends and play together
– Ability to customize your character
– Clans & Events
– And of course, plenty of new content!

Brink of Mayhem user reviews :

Great game but lacks a few features. I wish shooting button was bigger, there was an option to auto fire, the reward system could have been better – rather than claiming after playing each round, it should be automatically added to my profile. I like that controls can be manually adjusted on the screen.

This is one of the best game I have ever played in my life. Easy controls, Spiderman feeling and cool guns but please add battle royale and double kill, triple kill like this. And give likes, custom text messages, add friends and where we can upgrade guns reload speed especially rail gun, damage and range. I would like it a lot. And please do that after dying the time of respawning would increase each time. And all dead. And put a new mode of destroying base. And put special abilities of heros.

Wow i didnt expect this game to be so good. Very smooth, high skill gap because there is no aim assist which is perfect and very fun mechanics. I really like the grappling mechanic. It reminds me of titanfall lol

It’s quite good and a very good alternative of PVP of Helo infinite. Just the add rewards system is trash… Seriously!!! Even if we see adds , there are no extra coins.

Really great game! The absolute freedom of movement! Absolutely love it! But, just a suggestion, if you try to make the game more realistic looking ( I know it’s very hard) with realistic guns and a bracelet from where the grappling hook is comming out from with better graphics. I would say your game will be a 100% hit!

A great game ever played … But I request you to work on more modes of game such as zombie mode , battle royale etc … Improved bug fixes and little lag problem …. great Even pls add more amazing features like clans , events including new weapons that make this game more best …. Pls reply sir what you think ? Thanks…..

Please make the “reconnecting” thing optional. Reconnection being automatic causes BUNCH of issues if the server that the game was running on is full. It just doesn’t let me join a different game. No matter if I switch my phone off, close the app or anything. Frustrated, I accidentally deleted and reinstalled the app only to realise my level 23 progress got lost. Please fix this and add a Google Play connection so we can save our progress. Thanks

The game is good, but it needs more options like gyroscope and also more maps with good details.

It’s a really cool game but they must add more maps and modes and better things to sell in the shop. Otherwise it’s a great game.

World best multiplayer game I like the tdm mode and capture the flag and insert some characters skills please and no bugs and no lag .

This game is good no issues just a suggestion, can you add booster when we use rope to go faster because we are getting killed easily

All is good since the game is new but 2 things need right now first is to increase stability of gun fire especially zapper (lightening gun). Second is to give an option to connect account via Google play /facebook.

Very good game, easy controls, we need more arenas though.

This game is amazing it got grappling hook and it got 6 gun the bad add 3 more gun a Sniper and shotgun and mine gun and the map is too big and I can’t create a server and I can’t change mod I can’t change in team dead match or capture the Flag

one of the best games i played in time just one thing to add i want to be an AI like you create a game and play versus bots it’s a liitle bit hard but the game will be perfect like this

It is fun to play I recommend it to everyone……I really love the feel of it….plz add more maps and add some more updates etc

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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