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[Game] Last Hero – Shooter Apocalypse

Last HeroLast Hero is an adrenaline action top-down shooter game.

Play as the last survivor of the post-apocalypse. In this idle shooting game there are no allies, no mentors, no team, just you and thousands of alien invaders and zombies. Shoot ’em up all before they get to you.

The last survivor got caught in an anomaly in Area 51, and now always after death he wakes up at the base and starts his mission to kill zombies and aliens all over again.

Therefore, there will be no stealth or endless collection of resources in an action top-down shooter game. In this idle shooting game you will find adrenaline action, a huge number of different weapons and non-stop waves of zombies running to tear survivor apart.

After each battle, collect all the loot to upgrade the hero and his guns and win this endless war. Low-poly 3D graphics will immerse you in the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse. Simple one-handed controls and auto-aim shooting will help you enjoy the single-player experience of our free-to-play top-down shooter game.

Don’t wait for help, you will always fight alone against hordes of aliens and zombies. So always keep your finger on the trigger at all times in our offline idle shooting games for free. A wrong action or movement can destroy your last survivor, and you will have to start all over again. Your task is to run and gun non-stop until not a single alien from the last wave of invasion remains on the battlefield. Shoot ’em up all the aliens and zombies in the bullet hell of the post-apocalypse. Survive to the end of the level and collect well-deserved loot to upgrade your last survivor and his guns to further mow down aliens in this war.

In our idle shooting game you can run and gun in two different modes. The classic single-player mode has four difficulty levels for the shooter. The first two difficulty levels are easy to complete; on the third and fourth, bullet hell begins with hordes of aliens. The task is to shoot ’em up all and stay alive in order to move on in the action top-down shooter game. In survival mode, you have to survive as long as possible, while endless waves with hundreds of zombies fall on you. Kill as many zombies as possible to collect loot and upgrade your hero and his guns.

Shoot hordes of aliens in the confined space of an abandoned clinic. Mow down waves of hundreds of zombies at a nuclear power plant reactor in bullet hell. Fight a mighty boss in a nuclear silo. For these battles, you will have access to a huge selection of different weapons, from a pistol to a rocket launcher. There will be a lot of adrenaline action and shooting with hordes of aliens in our offline top-down shooter games for free.

Play anytime, anywhere: at work, on the subway or in line at the store. Simple one-handed controls and auto-aim shooting will help you enjoy the single-player experience of our free-to-play top-down shooter game offline. Low-poly 3D graphics will give you the opportunity to examine every detail and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse.

Last Hero is an adrenaline offline idle shooting game for free. Run and gun non-stop to win this war with the aliens and zombies. The post-apocalypse has arrived, there is no turning back. Choose your gun in this war and mow down endless waves of aliens and zombies in our casual top-down shooter game. Shoot ’em up all before they tear your survivor to pieces!

Write to the last survivor, because he is so lonely in his post-apocalypse!
Contact email: help[at]

Last Hero user reviews :

I’m sure its great for many people. but I like to stay sewbat realistic. and this game has so many upgrades I can barely see my character from all the flashing going on. again. probably great for some. but just too crazy and not making much sense for me. my secondary is a shotguns and it only fires one round every few seconds instead of actually shooting when switching to it. but no. it becomes a special ability,not a weapon. just weird.

  • Hello. We are sorry to hear you are not happy with some moments in the game. We’ll use your experience to make the game better.

A good game overall still needs to be improved a lot. A major problem was for me is that you can’t manually aim or at least predict where the weapon will shoot, most if the time when I’m fighting a boss or a tough enemy and i use a skill(a strong side weapon) it fire’s it at a completely random small enemy and i end up wasting the coolldown, maybe you can add something in settings that enables the player to prioritize bosses.

  • Hello. Thank you for the feedback! We are happy that you enjoy playing. If you have more suggestions on making the gameplay more exciting, feel free to share on help[at]

Really good game. One of the best I’ve played in the genre. The only thing I’d improve is that the default speed feels a bit slow, maybe it should be 2x by default.

  • Hello. Thank you for your opinion! We’re currently working hard to improve and rebalance the game along with adding more content. Please stay with us for further improvements!

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