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[Game] Eatfish

EatfishFree Excitement Eat Fish IO Game Is Coming To Town. include all kinds of hungry fishes in the aquarium. They tanked and attacked smaller fish to become the aquarium’s most powerful fish eater. Big fish eat small fish to be giant fish. Giant fish eat big fish and turn over the Mega fish. Mega fish eat giant fish and finally become fabulous fish in the aquarium.

All kinds of fish: Shark, Whale, Nemo, Narwhal, Goldfish, Dolphin, etc
A lot of diverting fishes: Fantasy Butter, Muscle, etc
Many special fishes for each occasion like Halloween, Christmas, etc
Up to 4 levels of fish: Big Fish, Giant Fish, Mega Fish, and Legendary Fish
Up to 43 hats and 12 trails waiting to explore
6 mysterious oceans
Rewards after the battle.
Awesome skills, be the smartness fish in the ocean.

How to win:
Try not to be destroyed and survive by bigger fishes.
Eat smaller fishes to grow big and stronger.
Use the revive button for the first failed attempt and be back to the aquarium.
Try it now and create a new best record!

Eatfish user reviews :

It’s fun initially, but becomes frustrating. You don’t know the distance towards fish off screen, prey are too few, you’re dependent on quickly depleted energy and you can’t beat the larger fish that appear from nowhere. Also, ads appearing mid game is ridiculous. All the fish perform the same too, so there’s no reason to try others. It’s purely aesthetic. What poor rewards. If these issues are addressed, it’ll be decent game again.

Definitely a winable game but I find you must hide all the way at the bottom or all the way at the top, depending where the largest few are at the end. Also, I wish there were actual human players. Not just a bunch of AI. When there is no leader board you know they’re not real players. Cute how you have tried to pass them off as real though with unique names and different country flags. Unfortunately, there is no real purpose behind the game other than being a cash grab for the clueless bunch.

Game is insignificant hard And fish go to higher numbers like 2’562’096 which is impossible to get

A great application for watching 30-50 sec advts sometimes multiple ones which redirects you to playstore(over & over again) dispite vigerous back button pushes asking to installing the apps shown in the advts (obviously) truly an awesome experience.1 downside to this otherwise magnificent app is the part in between the advts where u are supposed to eat fishs & grow which lasts from 1 sec to 30-40 sec (in continuation) can’t escape it.This breaks the rythem of the Advt. Do something guys

Absolutely love the game. However, the ads are killing the joy out of playing. You have to watch ads to get fish and hats. I don’t understand why you can’t get free fish if you win the victory or something, even coins.

The game is fun when you can actually play it. Way too many ads. When you die you have to sit through a 30 second ad. When the game is over ad. When you want to unlock an item ad. So many ads. Makes the game unplayable.

Everything is nice except one. Annoying ads suddenly pops out when you’ve got so many kills and when the ad is gone you’re dead. You’ve to retry. If you can not fix this then I’m done.

Nice game to spend your time at the bus ok the way to work. But the amount of adds you need to deal with.. You are playing 1 game 1 minute and you have to watch adds for 1.30 mins. I know you need to make money as a developers but you are destroying the game and make us not want to play anymore this game….

It’s a fun game my kids and I have so much fun playing with it but it’s glitching a lot. I really don’t want to delete it but if the glitching can be fixed it would be great.

Fix your app. I click no thanks on the add. Guess what. It still plays that stupid add. Why is that? Most of you do not know how to prevent that from happening. Get some proper programmers or take it down.

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