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Late ShiftIn this BAFTA winning, interactive heist-thriller, you choose the adventure.
Control the narrative through a maze of difficult decisions to unlock seven endings and up to four hours of film.

Matt, an erudite student, becomes embroiled in a heist at a famous London auction house after a car theft goes awry.
How will your decision making cope when the action reaches boiling point?

This is an interactive, choice based, movie. Each decision leads you down a different path, maintaining a continuous narrative.
During the movie, each choice appears real-time and you must choose the adventure.
This interactive movie has no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ decisions, each one will guide the player down their own path for a unique movie experience.

Your Decisions Are You.

Late Shift user reviews :

Looks like it could be an interesting story and it has an amazing video quality, but the free chapter is just too short. The protagonist just keeps blabbering about how life is made of choices, then something unexplained happens, you’re left in a cliffhanger that feels empty and you’re asked to pay. It also doesn’t let you download the chapters using data which would’ve been annoying hadn’t I been near a Wi-Fi spot. A nice concept I could get behind if only you could work out these issues.

  • Hi! Update 2.0.1 fixes the problem and now lets you download the content via your mobile phone data plan. CtrlMovie Support.

It’s finally here! I’m glad Late Shift finally got released on the PlayStore, been waiting so long for this. Although there is a little bit of a problem with the purchasing though. It doesn’t accept my country’s currency so I can’t buy the full game. I really hope the team could look into this cause I’m really excited to play it.

Wasn’t bad but could’ve had more choices, other than that it was decently directed, it was humorous, somewhat realistic, and the fact a guy went from parking cars to James bond was pretty Interesting, the ending kinda suck though.

For someone who likes to tell people what to do, it’s good for me.. but the only thing I don’t like. Is the movie basically forces you thought the story the same way.. your decision are made. But don’t have no real affect. You don’t really create your own movie just alter the situations in the movie. Overall it’s good tho

This is a great game but it’s a little odd that you can’t even play all the way through the very first level makes no sense but I’ll find a way around it I’ll get all the level’s without paying best believe that I’ve done it before and I’ll do it with this game as well.

What a game……. I mean the sounds bgm are totally awesome and the storyline is looking too much deep. Btw it’s the among the best games which is free. Thnks for your efforts for making such a thrilling game

I would’ve given it 5 stars if it weren’t for all the glitches and the constant need for the game to be reset by itself whic is a big hassle.

Pretty sucks the you have to pay for the other parts of the movie but the first part is really good. Loved it, just too short on time with the decisions

The game is absolutely amazing , i would pay to continue playing but i cant cuz im not 18 years old to do that , i really want to continue this so without paying money but i cant .

Very good, but i think the link account button is glitched, when i tap it and after a few seconds it just kicks me out of the app

This good nice. I have to buy the chapters so I didn’t understand how the next chapters would be free.

Pretty good, an old game tbh and it took way to long for its release but if you have an android device or have never seen or played it I would recommend it

I love this game the grapic is perfect I played level 1 but the other levels are locked and I don’t know how to unlock them please help

Making this game, you literally blew my mind. I’d never expected to play such a fantastic detail and wholesome choice game. Hats off to you team! I would really look forward to see such kind of fabulous games in future!

I like the look of the game and the way it plays but I wish there was an option to choose which way you wanted to download it

Beautiful game, really really good I like it. A whole new game level

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