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[Game] She Sees Red – Interactive Movie

She Sees Red Someone has killed several people at a popular nightclub.

A lone detective, assigned to the case, is following every clue… wherever it may lead. In this provocative interactive thriller, NOTHING is as it seems!

She Sees Red is a criminal interactive movie and a hard-boiled murder mystery. Challenge your decision-making skills, choose your own path, and find the murderer.

Gripping, mature FMV film with a non-linear narrative
Story elements can be experienced by making meaningful choices along the way
Four possible crime-solving endings based on your choices!
Professional actors, editing, lighting, and sound design make She Sees Red a unique interactive thriller!
Stories with deep and intriguing twists

She Sees Red is a dramatic choice-based movie and a gripping thriller with murder in a nightclub, a smart detective solving the case, and allusions to organized crime. Enjoy an interesting and mysterious narrative – make decisions as the killer to see what the investigation finds out. Investigators may turn out to be much more clever than you give them credit for, and our lady detective is no exception. Visit the crime scene again, make your choices to discover new crime details, and make sure you do whatever you can to find out what really happened!

She Sees Red user reviews :

My first experience with an interactive movie. I think I’ve found my new favorite game genre. Excellent graphics, and compelling story line but feels like some details were left out as the endings can be a little confusing. I’m hoping there’s an extended version or sequel down the road.

The best experience you can think of after all you got a chance to play this incadible movie on your mobile. Dont have to talk about the graphics & soundtracks these are great as the movie. But, there should be more time for each choice. That’s it. Hope for more like this.

For me, this is consider as one of the best interactive game movie I’d ever played.. I want more to play like this,so I’m still waiting for the next episodes..keep it up! Great job hope the next episodes are in progress or coming out soon…

This is such an excellent game , good screenplay , story as well as script , I just wish there were more number of episodes which would have made this game absolutely perfect .

Really this is the game what I need I am bored of many games within an hour this game man a good game Really I will suggest this to me friends Really a new idea and it’s worked we need more games like this and I can’t believe that only one word can change the story Really your choices matters a good game

Was good when I paid for it. They updated to be free with ads but now it asks me to pay again to remove the ads. The update also shows as a virus now.

  • Unfortunately, during the update, there was a bug and some users lost their payment information (the app should have automatically upgraded to the premium version). At the moment we can provide you with redeeming keys to other platforms. Write to us at info[at] and we’ll send you the key.

Wow the game is just fabulous. Such a neat mixture of creativity and art. Incredibly amazing game, never played anything like this before !!!

It’s more of an interactive movie, most of the time you are passively watching the effects of your choices, not really playing it. You have two choices each time, and have to decide within a few seconds. The story keep me hooked while acting is really great for a video game. The downside is that it’s unclear what the protagonist gonna do when we pick an option. For example “follow the plan” vs “improvise”, what plan? Improvise what?

The best interactive game I ever played. It’s excite me everytime I make a decisions. So I give it a 100/100!!

Excellent interactive story line, but very short…. I wish there could be more …

Its very good . I like alot things about it but story was too short.i completed 3 endings in just one sitting.

So far it’s been working awesome on my tablet. The story is really good, stunts were spectacular, and the choices are pretty suspenseful. One complaint I have, is that it’s too short. But in the same turn, I can understand. This looks like a big budget project, the kind you see for films and tv. It’s not a cheap production by any means. I do hope to see more from these developers, either continuence of this story, or a new one entirely. Hopefully longer on story/material and just as intriguing.

i love the production quality of what i was able to get through. but it bugged out when i tried to make my very first choice in the very first scene. after i chose “take care of the body,” the game froze. so i restarted the scene and chose “leave it alone” and the game froze again. so i restarted the story and nothing showed up on the screen and it was just audio. i restarted the story one more time and it went back to the first issue. help!!

  • Good day. We are sorry for this situation. Can you write us on support[at] and we will provide you redeem key for Android or PC. So you could play it on another device. We hope you wil enjoy our interactive film.

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