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Slide, stumble, flip and flail your way through endless levels in this hyper-casual, hyper-entertaining physics-based puzzle game.

When your character has all the strength and coordination of a wet rag, you’ll need really quick thinking and a firm grasp of the laws of physics to get them to complete even the simplest of tasks. Add to that a smattering of fiendish obstacles and unexpected mechanics, and it’ll take all of your wits to keep your cute ragdoll character from constantly falling flat on their fanny and get them to reach the level goal – whether that’s scoring a real goal with a soccer ball  or something as simple as answering the telephone.


Once you flop, you can’t stop: Over 300 levels of crazy ragdoll action, with over 20 different obstacle types, tens of different task types, and dozens of different locations, meaning you’ll bever get bored of just lolling around in this action-packed but strangely relaxing arcade game.

Trust the science: The graphics in Lazy Jump may be crazily cute, but each level’s puzzles and mechanics conform firmly to the real laws of physics. Engage your logical thinking, your scientific understanding and your visual perception skills to guide your floppy ragdoll through each fiendish obstacle course and reach the level goal before their maladroit floppiness drives you out of your mind.

Lazy but inventive: Lazy Jump is a game that features a huge range of different puzzle types, so you’ll have to get your loose-limbed heroes to do any number of different tasks, from basic household chores to amazing feats of floppy athleticism. Flip, flop, slide and drop your family of ragdolls around the screen in this ingenious and addictive game.

Useless but cute: The family of ragdoll characters in Lazy Jump may be endlessly and infuriatingly ungainly, but they’re also super cute thanks to the game’s vibrant and engaging graphics. There’s also bouncy, joyful music and satisfying sound effects that ensure the game is always a fun, cozy and relaxing place to spend time.


Bounce off the ceiling, slide down the walls, and flop on your fanny time after time, then drag yourself up, dust yourself off and stumble all over again in this endlessly endearing and entertaining game where the only rule is to never give up. If you’re looking for a mobile game that combines serious logic puzzles with adorable graphics, crazily inventive challenges and an atmosphere of outlandish fun, then Lazy Jump should be right up your alley.

Download it now and get flailing and flopping to win.

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Lazy Jump user reviews :

The game is fun, and you could go through a lot of levels in one go, but there is a lot of glitching. A few times, I have glitched through the walls, or a limb got stuck in a wall/furniture. There is also that after level 590, the levels start again from the beginning.

This game is fun. No Ads is $2.99¢, I didn’t buy the No Ads version but I would’ve if it had more depth to it. The game is complete goal, move on to the next one. If there were unlockables or extra content I would have played longer. I wish it was just the sports related levels, those are fun. I made it to Day 101. 4/5!!

Very funny game, and pretty fun as well(wow that was repetitive).the reason I give 4 stars is because the game has ads that are way too long. It is nice though, how the ads don’t come after every level. If the devs make ads shorter, I would find a way to give 6 stars.

Genuinely fun but there’s no challenge really. You could blow thru a lot of levels in one day. The ad to gameplay ratio is fair. The art is cute and the game is made competently. One of their better games. I hope more of their future games will be this level of quality or more.

This game is really fun, except that the levels are so easy. The ads are controlled, and you only experience them once in a while. The art style is great. Overall, great game!

It is a good product, lots of fun, but I feel like it can do a little better, like bonus levels or like running through obstacles from a dog or story mode or something

The game is fun. I have the game on my cell phone and i don’t get game money or a shop for skins. My son has the game on his android tablet and he gets game money and a shop to buy skins. I’m not sure If I’m missing something. I want to buy the game without ads but not if I don’t get all these extra items. Once I’m able to do this, then I will give the game 5 stars. If I could get an answer back that would be great. I uninstalled the game and downloaded it again and there is no change.

So. Let me tell you why the missing star is there. Just a few words, they repeat the same catchphrase after each level. So I want them to do different catchphrases after each level. That’s all. But just let me tell you one more thing, To make it more interesting, I want them to put 3 star coins in each level and hide them in places like invisible walls and that would be better for me or probably other people. Buuuuttt, I would like it that way.

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